Thursday, October 1, 2009

Silly dress up School days.......I just love all of my Rugrats!

So it was dress up day at the high school yesterday. The Juniors dressed up like the 1980's. They had a dance and played all the old 80's music. My son decided to keep his little costume on while we went into the store after school to get a few things. There were LOTS OF PEOPLE LOOKING AT US! I was getting the "Oh my gosh what kind of mother are you" look and he was getting the "WOW, REALLY?!?" look. My oldest was laughing his butt off the whole time. Sometimes you have to say, WHY NOT? He got such a kick out of it that I couldn't dare ask him to remove his wig!

My oldest Rugrat had to join in on the fun. After seeing his brother dressed up like the 80's he wanted to take the wig and dress up like a "redneck" This isn't to say that he isn't already one. If you listen to Jeff Foxworthy I guess our whole family is! The directions to our house does include "turn off of the paved road".... So I guess we "just might be a redneck"
He did go with my to take my youngest to soccer practice. She begged him to wait in the car, to which he OF COURSE did NOT do. I have a feeling there maybe less friends coming over after his appearance. LOL

You have to love his Chevy Pride. He is such a goofball. I have no idea where he gets this sense of humor from! LOL Best part is when he saw the photo of himself and said "I LOOK JUST LIKE DAD!" Oh my Hunk of Burning Love is going to feel so honored that after his son was trying to "dress up" he felt he looked like his father. LOL LOL........ I will have to say his hair does resemble a few of our past high school friends!

I still have my girls.........Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. This shirt is very true for her! I bought this for her when I was visiting my sister in Colorado. As soon as I saw "Candy Makes Me Happy" I grabbed it, knowing if there was one person who should be wearing this statement it was my daughter! The rail, the toothpick, the girl who looks like she needs to eat candy. But too much and she is zippin' around like something that just plain isn't good for her..... So we'll stick with the shirt and a small slice of sugar for this sweetie pie!
Can you say hot pink? The leggings with skirts are very in style, at least here in Cali ,but the hot pink just about blows me over.... I'm soooooo not a fashion queen and have learned to be a bit more relaxed as I get older and let them express themselves a bit more.... within reason of course.

Now my youngest rugrat is all dressed and ready to head to school. I picked this outfit up for her when I was in Colorado also. In fact, as I've mentioned about not being a fashion queen, I copied the manikin. I went around the store collecting the items until she would look just like the cute little plastic girl in the window! (except she has a head OF COURSE)

Enjoy your day! Hope my goofball children at least put half the smile on your face as they always do on mine!
Ciao Bella~


  1. Oh my gosh!! I want that wig!!! That is too funny. ROFL Love the pictures. The girls outfits look adorable too.

  2. That wig just honestly takes me back to high school. A few of our friends actually had hair that looked very close to that. It's so funny to laugh at now...maybe even then!.... gotta luv growing up during the 80's.