Thursday, April 29, 2010

TWO GREAT REASONS WHY TODAY IS A DAY TO CELEBRATE! Dale Earnhardt's Birthday and our sons new home!

I've decided that today is officially a great day to celebrate!

It is Dale Earnhardt, Sr.'s birthday.... That is a nice time to stop and remember him and all he has meant to the sport. Also a time to stop and pray and think about his family and loved ones who lost more than a great contributor to the sport of Nascar, they lost a father, son, brother and friend. They are holding their heads high today and remembering and honoring him. I am so proud of them. Honestly, they are a wonderful group of people with big hearts. I choose to celebrate this day with them!

Another reason I'm celebrating today is because, as many of you know, our son put an offer in on a home. We got word today that his offer was accepted and put into escrow this morning. In 15 days he will be a homeowner...... (let the bills

Just had to share with a few of may favorite peeps!

Happy Birthday "Big E"......... Even though you aren't here in person.....I know you are so proud of your rugrats!


Congratulations son! I'm so proud of oldest rugrat!

Ciao Bellas~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hey there!! I am pulling my head out of my computer......well, actually I guess I haven't pulled my head out of the computer since I'm typing this on my computer......BUT I've pulled my head out of my work program on my computer long enough to type this!

I've been missing my blogging!

So much has been going on. We are still waiting to hear back on the home our son put the offer in on and they have 3 days to get into contract so we shall see what happens on that one.... (fingers crossed)

Work has been crazy busy to which I am so grateful for the work but it's not giving me much time to daydream about our trip to Maui..... The weeks are flying past though.

I have not being doing so well on my diet this week....... I've not done awful and I keep dusting myself off and jumping back on that train but this isn't my shining week so far. I did earn the title of "The biggest loser" again last Friday and I am excited about that! BUT not so sure I will claim it again this week.

I refuse to get too down on myself though, I've been doing great. I feel so much better and I will not let a few poop a loop days make me throw it all away. This is something I would have done in the past....... I will NOT do that this time...... will NOT......will NOT......will Not....

Say it with me now "WILL NOT DO IT THIS TIME"...... We will reach our goal and we are going to be doing the skinny dance together.

I also wanted to let you know that I WILL BE HAVING A GIVEAWAY SOON..... I was contacted by a company who has offered for me to do a review or giveaway one of their products. I say GIVEAWAY...... so fun to see who wins and give something to all you faithful readers!

I'll keep you posted as soon as I have more information on that, but spread the word and keep an eye out!

Well, the time has come that I get off my duff and drag it to the kitchen and make something for my family for dinner...... I don't think they will go for the microwave popcorn that I feel like making......OK, so I don't even feel like making that......I'm poooooooooooped tonight... But I took out hangaburger (hamburger for all of you who don't remember how 4 year olds say it) meat, so I need to make a plan here...

I know, if I had been as organized as I'm supposed to be I would already know exactly what I'm doing with that fact I would have already had it in a crockpot and I'd be telling you all that I'm off to set the table for the dinner I so thoughtfully put in the crockpot this morning.

But.......I didn' I'm

Microwave popcorn anyone?



Maybe not.....

Probably though......

Ok, enough of my goo goo mush brain talk for tonight...

I really must go make dinner now (the visual is my head down, dragging my feet and sniffing all the way to the kitchen).......

HAMBURGERS.........yep, that is what is for dinner...... Hunk can BBQ..... I'll go ahead and break out the mayo and mustard....... I'm a helper like that.

Love and miss you all!

Don't forget to check back for the giveaway!!!


Ciao Bellas~

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wazzzzzzzzzz Uppppppppppp?

This are going good. Going BUSY but going good.

Today is going to be a very busy day...... It started bright and early. Getting up before 5am isn't my favorite thing to do BUT it was peaceful.......

Our youngest had to be at school at 5:45 this morning for her field trip. She is dressed up like a pioneer and her smile couldn't get much bigger as she hopped into her Daddy's truck to head over and meet with her friends...... And stand in the single file line until it's her her turn to get on and let the "bus sickness" begin.... Well, that's how it was for me last field trip and I even sat in the front..... But we've gone over this, I can get carsick when I AM driving....imagine my pain on a school bus.......

Our son has his wrestling banquet this evening so much fun! He is really excited and I am really swamped!

I have lots and lots of photos to put on CD's for parents at the banquet. Hunk and I took tons of wrestling photos this past season and we really want to share.....and in my getting organized mission, why didn't I put them on cd's already? Well, this is why I'm STILL on the mission.......I'm NOT organized yet...... sighhhhh.

I also have to work on a close out package for a job we completed, do banking, and work on getting all of our Cal Osha papers together to send to them...Can you say FUN? It's making putting photos on CD's sound like a blast doesn't it?

On to better news..... I was "The Biggest Loser" again this week! My train is running full steam ahead........destination MAUI..... Ok, I'll switch to a plane when it gets closer but I'm so on a mission! Not to say I haven't had little "yummers" here and there. Sushi and popcorn on Saturday......oh my...... glass of wine..... So this week I'm going to have to kick it in gear to have any chance of reaching my personal goal this week..... I can do this!

How are you all doing? I've miss you so much. Just haven't had time to pull my head out of my world long enough to check in on yours.....

Spill it! What's new? Have you been as busy as I have?

OR are you living my dream life of sitting on your "sofa" watching Lifetime movies while someone brings you your tray of crackers, cheese, grapes and wine? Oh and don't forget about the person who is cleaning your home and preparing your dinner for the evening..... And OF COURSE they all hit the road before your Hubby gets home so you can take all the credit......

I said it was my dream life, right?

Seriously...... Wazzzzzzzzzzz uppppppppppp???

Ciao Bellas~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


ROCKIN' MY BON JOVI HAIR!!!!! - My oldest son with that adorable smile. Hard to believe in a couple months he will be 20 years old! And in that swing is my wrestling teenage rugrat.... Ughhhhhh. These old photos are bittersweet for me..... And you know you noticed Matlock on the TV...... Man I loved that show! LOL... 1990's... Wish I could have the boys back to that age for a week......My "gooser" and "little man"......Wow, I am so blessed to be a Momma!
Man oh man have the days been flying past. Some days I feel like a dog chasing it's tail and other days I feel like I'm on the titanic with my arms stretched out screaming "I'm the King of the World".....

One thing that hasn't changed is my outlook and mood. Even with the dips along the way (was that mean to call them dips?.....) I'm still able to snap myself back to my happy place.

Keeping up with the office has been going great!-I really feel I've been staying on top of things, even with Hunk working out of town. I have a feeling tomorrow and Friday are going to be crazy days but I'm ready for them! BRING IT!.... ha ha....

Sorry I'm in a mood...........again.........still.....

Keeping up with my new life style change of healthy eating has been going great!- Watch out Maui, Momma plans to sport a swimsuit (and a swimsuit cover all my cancer surgeries and c-sections, no matter how thin I get I'm thinking I won't look good in a bikini......but maybe a tankini?? I'm stuck on this part of my post because I typed the word MAUI..... now I'm day dreaming as I type.......dreaming of the ocean waves,, the ocean breeze and those drinks with the cute little umbrella and fruit in them...... sighhhhh.....

Ok, I'm back with you.....

The Rugrats are doing great! IN FACT BREAKING NEWS:... My oldest is looking at putting an offer in on a home about 15 minutes from us! YEAH! He is very excited. I get texts that say "Momma, any word on the house?" "I love it Momma"..... "I want it sooooooooo bad"..... So fingers crossed! He is growing up to be such a fine young man.
With Hunk and I getting married so young we were fortunate enough to purchase our first home when we got married and it really helped us out so much throughout the years so I hope our son is able to do the same.......

Our other son is still wrestling 3 days a week. He helps to coach the little ones after school. I tell you what I've never seen him more passionate about anything before........OK maybe a video game......but passionate about something that has brought so much good to his life. Great friends, great strength and what a confidence builder it has been. I'm so happy for him and so proud of his attitude.

Our oldest daughter is doing good! She has guitar lessons again today. She is loving it. I totally flaked last week and forgot her lessons! I felt terrible. She used to take on Thursdays and it got switched to Wednesday's and I completely forgot! ughhhhhhhhh BAD MOMMA.... So we are back on track. OH and she made honor roll! AND she cut her hair shorter (still long though) and put in long layers and the most important part (in her world) SIDE BANGS.... So cute. She is also starting a make up line! I am not kidding. She has done research and she is purchasing what she needs and making eye shadow and lip gloss. I'll be posting photos when she has it ready. She even bought fancy little bags to put the products in when she sells them. She cracks me up. Last night she came in and showed me CAT CLOTHES she made.....that should make our cat happy.... LOL

And the little Rugrat. She also made honor roll! Whew! All those homework battles paid off! She is wanting to join the swim team. I'm considering it.... It's about 30 minutes away and I'd have to leave work early to be able to get her there in time and some things to juggle to make it work, so I'm trying to see if it can......

I won "The Biggest Loser" competition again this last week! I was so excited...... though several people are doing excellent so it was a close one!
Other than that..............

I miss Hunk.....

I am not enjoying doing the laundry I have going......

I love cheese.....

And even with the weight loss I still feel these jeans make my butt look big.......

Guess you are now caught up in the life of Momma!

I'll be back with my next organization post soon....... found some great new tips that I MUST SHARE!
Ciao Bellas~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm having one of those days!

You know the ones I'm talking about? The days where you have a huge smile on your face and you really don't know exactly why. I LOVE these days! I also love that they seem to happen so often.

I'm just in one of those moods AGAIN. One of the crazy goofball, lovin' my life moods!

I had a few days that tried to suck the life outta me...... But I crushed it! I'm back and smiling!

Office is going great! Better than I could have imagined it would. I'm enjoying being caught up on everything. Feeling like my "get organized" mission is really on it's way!

My weight loss/healthy eating mission is also going great. I am feeling good, have lots of energy and just feel happy! Who woulda thunk it? Eating good stuff makes ya feel good!

Of course it's a process, I wish I could snap my fingers and be back to my former thin self.......sniff.....sniff....... BUT it will get there. I will get there. I have no doubt. This girl is on a mission! Like a Double Agent type of mission. A mission that you can't fail at.

Secret agent man.......Secret agent man... (hear the tone/music with me)

Oh and Maui is officially 89 days away! Woot! Woot! I'm soooooooo excited about this! Tiny bit concerned about the office stuff, but I'll make it work. Between Hunk and myself we will make it work.

Time in Maui with my sister and my nephew who I don't get to see near enough.......who could stop smiling? I think I have figured out my mood! On top of my work life, eating healthy, becoming organized AND going to Maui in 89 days with some of my favorite people!

Why not smile?

Funny thing is, you can look at all the negatives in your life.....Let me tell you, they are there and I could concentrate on them........but I refuse to!

OR you can look at all the positives in your life......Trust me when you LOOK, you have more positives than you realized.......and SMILE!

Choose to smile with me today! Choose to look at all the positives in your life! And even if just for today.......ignore the negatives.

Don't keeps running through my head now...

Why is it always songs with me? I just love music!

I may or may not have had too much coffee this morning.....but I'm on top of the world!....... Ok, now movie lines are going through my head.

Why is it always movie lines with me? OH YA..... I just love movies!

I also love my friends and family! So thanks for reading and being happy for my happiness.......friends and family!

Much love and smiles to you all!

Ciao Bellas~

Friday, April 2, 2010


Let me start out by saying WOOT! WOOT! ALL ABOARD!

It's been so great being in contact with all of you who are on this train to a healthy organized life with me! We have been able to encourage each other and comfort each other when we slip up and then dust ourselves off and get right back on the train.

As many of you know I'm doing the Biggest Loser Challenge with my family and family in law.....well .... my brother in law's family but like you know I consider my brother in law more like the brother I never had. I always call him "MY BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER". I love him and he picks on me.......that's how we roll. Isn't that how all brothers and sisters are to each other? So his family, is my family by default. Not sure they are aware of this......but yep, that's how it is....... You take one sister you get them both!

This week I am happy to report that I lost 3.2 pounds. Please note that is not thirty two pounds, there is a POINT in between the three and the two. DANGIT! A point that made the difference of me being the biggest loser and me not being the biggest loser of the week.

In some areas if I were titled the biggest loser I don't think I'd be so happy about it. But in the area of weight loss I'm walking on sunshine!

To be honest what has been the biggest blessing isn't the fact that I'm starting to fit into smaller jeans (though I'm not going to lie, this makes me smile big time!) it's how great I'm feeling.

Any of you who have been following my blog know that this last week I returned to being in our office full time instead of doing most of my work from home. This has been a major adjustment for sure BUT before I started eating healthy and trying to get organized I think it would have taken me to my knees.

Sure, I'm tired when I get home, but I feel great! I'm feeling like I'm actually starting to be "on top of everything". Not like, on top of any tables dancing "on top of everything"........though I may or may not have done this in the past.... But on top of areas of my life. Felt the need to clarify for all of you smarty pants (SISTER) who would email me asking what all I'm ON TOP OF.... Ok, I'm letting this one go. I've dug the hole and if someone brings a hose, I'm going to drown. WAIT, I'll swim my way to the top. See.... I'm so on top of it now that I found my way out of a deep hole.
Ok, sorry, way silly mood today.

If you saw my laundry pile you would know that this getting organized is a work in progress but it's getting there... In fact.......what's that noise I hear??? Do you hear it? Yep, Bingo! Yahtzee! We have a winner...... It's my dryer! Laundry pile about to be annihilated!

I really think that eating healthy has given me so much more energy and made me feel so much better. As I mentioned in past posts I feel better emotionally as well as physically. That's what's making the getting organized mission that much easier to accomplish. I mean OBVIOUSLY I haven't lost enough weight yet for that to be the reason I have more energy. It's plain and simple..... I'm not putting so much crud into my body so I'm not feeling sooooooooo like crud!

I hope you all will feel inspired to join us! Together we can do anything!

Take charge of your own life. Make that change.

You know why you should? Because YOU ARE WORTH IT! I only know many of you via my blog and I love you more than cheese. (for those of you who don't know me.......this is HUGE LOVE)..... If I feel that way about you...... just think about how many others feel that way about you too.

Your children, your significant other, your parents, your BFF's........ They all want us to be happy and healthy!

It's time to get a little selfish and spend some time taking care of ourselves. Don't listen to that voice in your head saying you will fail, or you can't do it. YOU CAN DO IT! I CAN DO IT! WE CAN DO IT! Let's kick some booty together!

Don't fight your feelings, give yourself a chance!
Shake shake shake, shake shake shake,Shake your booty!
Shake your booty!
Oh, shake shake shake, shake shake shake,Shake your booty!
Shake your booty.
You can, you can do it very well.
You're the best in the world, I can tell.
Shake shake shake, shake shake shake,Shake your booty!
Shake your booty!
Oh, shake shake shake, shake shake shake,Shake your booty!
Shake your booty.
Shake shake, shake shake!
Shake shake, shake shake!
Shake shake shake, shake shake shake,Shake your booty!
Shake your booty!
Oh, shake shake shake, shake shake shake,Shake your booty!
Shake your booty.


Ciao Bellas~

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Since I'm now leaving the home each morning and heading to our office I realized I need to find some way to ease the morning madness.

I've always thought I could do things to help in this area but since I came back home after taking the Rugrats to the bus stop I had time to do things then. The truth is even if I had time to do them when I got home there was still morning madness looking for homework, getting packed lunch etc. And now because I don't leave the office for lunch, I also need to pack lunch for myself.

I've done some research and come up with a few ideas I plan to implement to help cut down on this morning madness.

The biggest thing is getting ready the night before for the morning. I KNOW I'm exhausted the night before from the day of...... BUT...... if it will make the day of's (is that a word? morning go so much smoother, it will be so worth it!

A big thing for me is getting up and making my coffee. Get the coffemaker ready the night before. At times I have done this. I just have to push the button and start it in the morning (or some have a timer you can set so it's ready when you wake up). Every morning I have done this I'm sooooooo glad I did. It only takes a few minutes to do but in the morning when you have a million few minute things to do it's wonderful to just push the button!

Another suggestion I found was to set the breakfast table the night before. I'm teetering on this one but I'm going to give it a try. Often my Rugrats get cereal or egg sandwiches but I think it's worth seeing the difference it may make.

This is a BIGGIE...... Make a to do list of all the things you need to do the next day. List, List, List.......I honestly think this is a HUGE key to organization. After making the list you can see what items you need to have ready to go in the morning instead of leaving the house without the checks you need to deposit, or the shirt you need to take back, etc.

Pick your clothes out for the next day and have or help your children pick theirs out too. Then when your son needs to wear his wrestling sweatshirt and it's dirty, you don't find that out when you need to leave in 15 minutes and he would either be wearing it stinky or wet because there would not be enough time to dry it. Also cut down on the I don't know what to wear problem that we all sometimes have. Trying on a million things and then not having time to hang them all back up when you finally find what you want to wear.

Another BIGGIE in my book: Have a central control station (ie: table, counter top) near the front (exit) door and make sure everything you need to take with you is placed here the night before. Determine what homework assignments, library books, sports gear or musical instrument the kids need to take with them to school and place them at the central control station.

Make as much of the school lunches as possible the night before and put them in the refrigerator. If you are packing your lunch to take to work now is a great time to do that also. Especially if you are trying to stick to a healthy eating diet plan the last thing you want to happen is to not have time to pack and just HAVE to go to your favorite Mexican food restaurant for chips and salsa the next day. I've implemented this and started taking the left overs from dinner and putting them in a Tupperware container for me to take to work. It's yummy, easy and saves money........which we all know is a great thing to do!

This is a big one for me. If you are going to need meat for tomorrow nights dinner take it out and put it in the fridge to thaw before you go to bed. This way you don't get stuck with frozen meat you are trying to defrost in the microwave OR do what I did often and say forget it and order a pizza!

Of course this last one I've known for a long time but seem to sometimes have a hard time with it...... Getting the required amount of restful sleep tonight will help you to have the energy you will need to tackle whatever tomorrow brings!

Cheers to easing or saying goodbye to the morning madness!

Ciao Bellas~