Sunday, September 25, 2011


My son called me Friday from college.  When he was home he and my daughters would spend hours (calling us in constantly) watching funny you tube video's.  Well, Friday he said there was a you tube video I just had to watch...and he wanted me to put it on and watch it while I talked to him....

I laughed so hard... I honestly didn't know what to expect, figured it was something silly but this flat cracked me up...  I had to share it with Hunk when he got home...and the girls gathered round to watch it again (they watched it when I watched it the first time)...  Hunk was cracking up...

I think if you are "of a certain" age, it will make you laugh even more....  He's talking about all this technology we have and yet nobody is's hysterical....  And it took me back to a time, not so far ago, where things were a lot different....  It's so easy to forget how quickly technology has changed..  The cell phone (since we install and work on communications tower) is something I am aware of on a daily basis but there is so much we take for granted...

Hunk and I got such a laugh I just had to share with you all... (I'm like the kids... "Come in here YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!")

By the way.... When my son called on Friday he had me go on my computer and he called me on FaceTime on my computer from his...Talk about technology! Was awesome to see his cute little face!  His hair is so short and he looks like he's aged a year in the last month!

Hope you enjoyed the video....  Is that so true or what??

~Ciao Bellas~


Friday, September 23, 2011


LW Miller and wife Kelley Earnhardt

Not sure how many of you are into racing.  Those of you who follow my blog know that we are.  Well, I have a favor!  A BIG FAVOR.  A favor that would mean a lot to me....  An I'm on my knees beggin' ya type of favor....  Ok, maybe not THAT big, BUT it really would mean a lot.

A friend of mines Hubby races in Southern Modified Division and they are voting for most popular driver right now through November 20th.  Would be so awesome if he won!

It only takes 3 clicks!  Click on this link Click on the name LW Miller and then click Submit.  Done!  No signing up for an account or receiving emails or coupons or any other stuff we just can't wait to delete.

You can click HERE to see more information about LW.  

The Noteworthy information they have is:

Married Kelley Earnhardt following the 2010 season ... Dad was a Modified team owner for years in the northern part of the country and fielded cars for such drivers as Brett Bodine, Satch Worley and Jimmy Spencer … Got his own racing career started on dirt tracks in the Pennsylvania area … Has made 13 NASCAR Nationwide Series starts and six appearances in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series … Started competing in Modified cars in 1998 … Has one win (Martinsville) and 10 top 10s in 75 career NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour starts.

My noteworthy information is:

LW and Kelley- Aren't they the cutest couple you have ever seen?  (Thanks for letting me use the photos Kelley!)

 He is a stand up guy.  He is an amazing hubby to my friend.  He treats her like a princess (as he should! LOL) and he treats her daughters as if they were his own.  He is the husband we all hope our daughters will grow up and marry someday.  Because of all these things along with his talent on the racetrack it would just be AWESOME to see him win!

Like me doing back flips type of AWESOME.  Ok, so I can't actually do a back flip but I can do a huge jump.

If he wins I will so be doing this again....

You can vote once a day until November 20th, when the voting ends.  

Click HERE to vote now!

Thanks soooooo much!!!  You guys rock!

~Ciao Bellas~

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Facebook Page Blew up from this Post

This totally throws me under the bus BUT.....

My nephew reads stories at school (1st grade) and he has to explain how he relates to the story.  Our trip to Maui last summer I got knocked down by a wave (some of you may remember the video....I'll share again)....  So when my sweet little, adorable, love him so much I can't stand it, nephew was asked and recorded by my sister last night, how this story related to him, this is what he said.... (and she sent to it me).....  Keep in mind a story last year reminded him of this too and he told the story to his class last year.  My sister was working in the class when it was time to share the story..... She by the way was laughing to hard she was crying....

So here is last night's video... (Please remember to scroll down on the right hand side of the page and pause the music to hear the video)

Now what is he talking about?  Well, my sister got that on video too.  In fact I posted about it after it had happened.  For those of you who don't remember OR who just feel like a good laugh (at my expense) today click here to watch.   I have to also say on my sisters behalf that she hates that she said OMG in the video she would want me to tell you that.

What I would like to point out is the my little sister BLESS HER HEART was laughing in both videos that she taped...  She just felt so sorry for me...

Have a great day!

Ciao Bellas~

Monday, September 19, 2011

California Lake Day

I think everyone needs a lake day from time to time.

Hunk and the girls are always "game" for taking the boat out.  I'm usually feeling "too tired" or "not in the mood"...  But one thing is always true......every time I step up and go with them I have a great time.  It's so fun and really refreshing on a hot California summer day....

When you have had a long day it really helps to sip a nice glass of cold wine on the boat while you watch your Rugrats cry because dad pushed them in kneeboard, wakeboard or just swim around. 

Ahhhhh.....  Relaxation time has begun..... Thank you Jesus for blessing me with wine living on this lake....

Kneeboarding anyone? I don't allow photos of my fat butt bikini body out there kneeboarding....  This is just not (usually) that kind of blog....The kind where I humiliate myself

And my Hunk is going back in the water....  

I may or may not be sitting at the back of the boat enjoying my glass of wine.....

My little rugrat kneeboarding......  I think she could do it all night...

Still going at it..... Little Sister sits watching for the thumbs up (go faster Dad) or the thumbs down (go slower Dad)  OR her favorite....the CRASH...

Since we are on a private lake it's so much more relaxing for this spazin mom because we are the only boat on the lake....  Unless the neighbor comes out, but we take turns, so we each always have the lake to ourselves...

After all that wine swimming, it's time to head to the barn for a yummy Hunk bbq'd ribeye steak and Grilled Peppers and watermelon... 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Diaper Cake for Baby Shower. So Cute!

 A friend of mine was having a baby and a few of us got together and made diaper cakes for her.  This is a photo of the one I made.  It was sooo fun!  I'd never done this before.

I tried to put practical stuff that she would use, but still make it look as per-ty as I could...

When my friend called and asked me to come over and make diaper cakes for our other friend I was like sure!  Then she said "Costco has cases of diapers and then just get whatever theme you want...My sure went to "huh? REAL diapers? What?"  I thought she meant we were going to make cakes in the shape of diapers. Then I searched online for ideas and found out this is apparently a very common thing to make for baby showers... (I started to think how fun it would be to decorate one for bridal showers too and then I realized they probably don't need the "diapers"...well, maybe)

I need to get out more...

Anyone else never heard of diaper cakes?  Comfort me now people...  LIE if you must... Just kidding, you don't have to lie to make me feel better...

Unless you want to...

Then you can....  

Do you get out much?

~Ciao Bellas~

Friday, September 16, 2011

Conversation between Momma and College Son (lecture or support...balancing act)

Rugrat:  Hi Mom

Momma:  Hi Sweetie!  How was your day?

Rugrat:  It was good!

Momma:  I miss you!  I haven't heard from you for about 3 days now and I'm going into withdrawals.  I tried to NOT call so I don't bug you but it's hard!  But I'm really glad you are having fun... (telling myself not to GUILT him)

Rugrat:  Ya, I've just been busy.  I guess I'm getting used to my independence...

Momma:  Meaning?

Rugrat:  Meaning...I haven't really missed my mommy and daddy yet.... I'm getting used to doing everything for myself and being on my own, still.  It's fun.

Momma:  That's good.... (and here it comes I can't keep my trap shut)  BUT....I'm not used to it yet.  I birthed you and raised you for 18 years, doing stuff for you every day and then one day you are gone and not only do I not see you each day anymore I don't talk to you for 3 days and then it's because I call you.  (Now I'm thinking CRAP, PULL IT TOGETHER and be happy he is having so much fun and doing so well)...

Rugrat:  Well, normally I'd say something right now like "I can understand how you feel" but since I don't have kids I can't really say that.  But I understand what you are saying....

Momma:  (Wow he handled that great, so mature....ughhhhh)  Thank you son.  Don't get me wrong I'm sooooo happy for you and I'm really glad you are homesick and all that.  This is the time in your life that you are there to get an education but it's also time to make special memories and meet some lifelong friends..  I really am soooo happy for you.. (now it's time to get off of the phone cuz I'm a dang sap and I'm going to cry!)

Rugrat:  Thanks Mom.  I am here to get a good education and that's my number one priority and I'm doing my best not to procrastinate and put things off because I know I used to do that sometimes in high school.  But, I'm doing really good.  You don't have to worry about me.  I'm getting my work done and I'm having a lot of fun..  I do stay up a lot later now though..  My sleep schedule has changed.  My roommates like to stay up.  Sometimes until 3 am.

Momma:  (thinking to myself SHUT UP DON'T SAY IT)...  Oh, wow.. that is a change... What are you doing until 3am?

Rugrat:  We hang out in front of the dorm, play ping pong, Volleyball or Basketball and then we usually come back to the room and kill zombies.

Momma:  Kill Zombies??

Rugrat:  It's a video game. (He laughs like it's so obvious)  Everyone comes to our room and hangs out.  It's a lot of fun.  And my classes aren't until later in the day so I can sleep in.

Momma:  (If I were his age how fun would that be?)..  That's awesome son...  Just remember to keep  up on your homework... I'd hate for you to have to come home because you started playing too much.  I have faith in you that you won't do that... I just want to make sure you understand that's what will happen if you do....Not saying you will do that, Like I said I trust you are doing the right thing AND having's a balancing act.. (SHUT UP STEPHANIE! Totally rambling..fighting myself to lecture and to support..back and forth...ughhh)

Rugrat:  Ya, I understand that Mom..  I'm doing it...chuckle...don't worry.

Momma:  (I"m thinking...How did I raise such a mature boy at only 18?  I was never this mature then!  I would have been like "I KNOW MOM...gosh, get off my back....")  Awesome...  Okie Doke, I'll let you get back to your friends and homework...  I love you and can't wait to see you.

Rugrat:  I love you too mom.  Talk to you later. Bye.

Momma:  Bye... (hang up the phone and feel sad and proud all at the same time....then I think.. CRAP I NEED TO START DINNER!)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Popo's 91st Birthday

Isn't he the sweetest thing you have ever seen?  My little Popo...  NINTY ONE YEARS OLD...  He has experienced so much in his life time.  And what is his favorite thing to talk about when he sees me?  How I used to push people away from him and say "This is MY Popo...NOT YOURS" when I was little...  Or how he saved me something in his lunch box each day and stopped by to give it to me....usually raisins...  I love my Popo.....and Yes, he is my Popo NOT YOURS.....but I still thought you would enjoy seeing pictures of our fun day celebrating his birthday!

I love you PoPo.  So many fun memories...  Loved when he would would be at his house and he would point something out and said "Well, now, it's way over yonder".....

MY MOMMA with her Daddy...

My cousin Kimbo with her Popo.... (Yes, he is hers too, I learned to share)....

My Aunt Bev (Kimbo's Mamma) and her Daddy... Popo's eyes are closed but in his defense I was having a line up of people to take photos... and he LOVED every minute of it.

My Aunt Connie and her Daddy... Eyes closed again (sorry Popo)...
My Cousin Kelli and her Papa....(If she calls him Papa and I call him Popo does that still mean I can tell her "He's MY Popo, not yours?"....  Kidding.... I really can share... ) Oh and my cousin Kelli is excited to add another baby to the family!

That's ME and MY POPO------- NOT YOURS... (smile)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Rugrat moves to college

We are at the hotel and getting ready to take him to move into his dorm...  He humors me with a photo....Yes, son, you really do have to stand there and let me take this photo... I'll be gone in 2 days, suck it up..

Hunk and my rugrat!  They are tired of my photo taking already.  Hunk kept saying "this is a photo of the last time we stood together at the door of the hotel before you moved to Biola"...

My Rugrats dorm!  Sniff....Sniff......Hooray!

I thought these balloons were so cool.....  It doesn't take much to excite me. LOL

Hunk walking towards the middle of campus.....  Snap....Snap...  Where is my rugrat you ask? Oh, he is in his dorm ditching me getting unpacked and bonding with his roommates...

This is "The Caf"....  I must admit they have awesome food!  It is run by Bon Appetit...  Sooo good.  "The Caf" alone is reason enough for me to visit.  =)

And they are still making fun of me, with the sad face.... YES I'M STRUGGLING HERE LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT.... Boys don't get us girls do they?

Ok, now a smile.... Thank you very much!

I ask them to pretend like they like each other and this is what they give me....  I'll take it though..

And then they give me this....  You know they wanted to do it anyway but had to be manly about it and act like it's because I insisted on a photo with affection....

My turn.....I don't want to say goodbye...

Give your Momma a kiss rugrat!!!

Fine then.... I'll just TAKE ONE....

He's been at Biola University for about a month now and he is absolutely having the time of his life.  He has made some great friends and is enjoying his independence.  He really likes all of his professors and says that they make class very interesting.  They are so passionate about what they are teaching that it makes you want to learn it too.  He's already had a few papers to write and lots of reading but he's enjoying it all.

He's gone off campus with friends a few times to Orange County's Labor Day weekend Festival in Irvine and to friends homes, who live nearby.

Though I'm having a hard time adjusting to him not being here in our home everyday it does make it easier knowing that he is loving it so much.

OH AND he had two dates in one night!  Sound like a player at this Christian University?  It's not as it sounds.... I was proud of him....  A girl came up to him as he was walking to "The Caf" for dinner and she mentioned that she thought she was probably going to have to eat alone... (He says to me as he is telling the story.."I wasn't sure if that was a hint or not".... YOU THINK SON!) So he asked if she wanted to eat with him and she said yes....  As he leaves "The Caf" and heads for his dorm another girl (who he knew) stopped him and asked if he would eat dinner with her because she didn't want to eat alone....

Momma:  Did you go with her to?
Rugrat:  Yeah, ....laughs
Momma:  Are you serious!?  You ATE AGAIN?
Rugrat:  NO, I didn't EAT again, I just went back in and sat with her while she ate..
Momma:  Did you have to pay again to go back in "The Caf"?
Rugrat:  No, they do the honor system and hold your id and trust that you won't eat when you say you aren't going to eat and then gave me my id back when I left.
Momma:  Wow, TRUST ....HONOR SYSTEM...  I knew I loved that school.

So, my rugrat is having the time of my life..... Making new friends.... playing Volleyball, Ping Pong and Basketball....  (which he NEVER PLAYS....he is a wrestler and that's always been the extent of it)....  I'm so proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone and joining in with his new friends.  I asked if he was enjoying Volleyball and he said "Ya, it's fun....I suck at it.... Let's just say when the ball comes to me, the game starts over......but it's a lot of fun, and everyone just laughs"

When I hear stories like these of all the fun he is having, it's hard to wish he was home.  Instead I miss him but I'm so grateful that he is having the time of his life and making memories that will last a life time and getting an great education at the same time.

Am I the only one with all these emotions when it's time to cut the apron strings?

~Ciao Bellas~

P.S.  I held it together when I said goodbye.  He kept looking me hard in the eyes trying to catch a glimpse of tears.  I held them back...  I said goodbye and I loved him and I walked to get in the car leaving Hunk there to say his goodbyes.  As soon as I sat in the seat and the door closed I burst into an unctrollable sob...  Honestly it made the "ugly cry" a beautiful sound..  It was from the gut.  A cry that had so much held in emotion...  The cry that says "I'm letting go".  I've raised him to grow up and be a man of integrity and honor and to make it on his own. ..... Now is that time and I have to let go and trust the parenting we did and trust that God will watch over him and trust him...  It was a cry of happiness for him and a cry of a baby being pulled out of his mothers arms....only I had to "let go"... 

It's been a mixed emotions "momma" year for me.... My oldest Rugrat getting married and my 2nd oldest rugrat flying the coop for college...  I have an awesome relationship with my boys and no matter where they are they know they can call their Momma and I will be there for them.....and what is even more awesome than that.....Is that I know that no matter where I am....I can call them and they will be there for ME... 

I've raised men of integrity.... I couldn't be more proud of either of them.  Though they have been tearful times in my life I'm so blessed to be here and see them happen.  When I was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago, I never thought I'd be here to see either of these days. 

BLESSED....that is what I am....I love you "Gooser" and "Baby Brother".....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bambi in my front yard

When I crawl jump out of bed in the morning and head for my coffee pot it always puts a smile on my face when I look out my slider and see this b-e-a-utiful scenery.

Aren't they adorable??
Momma and baby...
I just can't stop taking pictures of them...

How precious is that????  I had to step out onto the porch to get a closer look..

Do you see him peaking at me around the rock?  He's like "Oh crud! Someone is on that patio!"
He went back behind the rock and then peeked around the other side of the rock at me...  

Yes, sweetie, I'm still watching you....
He realized I'm harmless....

Feel so blessed to live in the mountains where I get to see all God's creatures roaming around....Except when it's a bear in my backyard or a mountain lion at my tank house then I freak a little 

~Ciao Bellas~