Friday, September 23, 2011


LW Miller and wife Kelley Earnhardt

Not sure how many of you are into racing.  Those of you who follow my blog know that we are.  Well, I have a favor!  A BIG FAVOR.  A favor that would mean a lot to me....  An I'm on my knees beggin' ya type of favor....  Ok, maybe not THAT big, BUT it really would mean a lot.

A friend of mines Hubby races in Southern Modified Division and they are voting for most popular driver right now through November 20th.  Would be so awesome if he won!

It only takes 3 clicks!  Click on this link Click on the name LW Miller and then click Submit.  Done!  No signing up for an account or receiving emails or coupons or any other stuff we just can't wait to delete.

You can click HERE to see more information about LW.  

The Noteworthy information they have is:

Married Kelley Earnhardt following the 2010 season ... Dad was a Modified team owner for years in the northern part of the country and fielded cars for such drivers as Brett Bodine, Satch Worley and Jimmy Spencer … Got his own racing career started on dirt tracks in the Pennsylvania area … Has made 13 NASCAR Nationwide Series starts and six appearances in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series … Started competing in Modified cars in 1998 … Has one win (Martinsville) and 10 top 10s in 75 career NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour starts.

My noteworthy information is:

LW and Kelley- Aren't they the cutest couple you have ever seen?  (Thanks for letting me use the photos Kelley!)

 He is a stand up guy.  He is an amazing hubby to my friend.  He treats her like a princess (as he should! LOL) and he treats her daughters as if they were his own.  He is the husband we all hope our daughters will grow up and marry someday.  Because of all these things along with his talent on the racetrack it would just be AWESOME to see him win!

Like me doing back flips type of AWESOME.  Ok, so I can't actually do a back flip but I can do a huge jump.

If he wins I will so be doing this again....

You can vote once a day until November 20th, when the voting ends.  

Click HERE to vote now!

Thanks soooooo much!!!  You guys rock!

~Ciao Bellas~


  1. OK - I voted! Love your jump pix 'cause you look so joyful! They are a beautiful couple - I'm glad she found that happiness you and I have with our men! I'll vote again as often as I remember! I'll make a sticky note.

  2. Thanks Nan!! I appreciate it. I'm glad she did too! So happy for both of them to have each other!

    Hope he wins! =) Thanks for helping!

  3. Thanks for voting again Nan!!!

    Darcie, Thank you sooo much!!! And thanks for the comment about my pic... It was taken on a sisters trip to Vail... I always have to get a little crazy when I'm with my little sis. (Wine may or may not have been involved....ha)

  4. I voted!
    Looks like he's in the lead. YAY!