Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kayla, Kendra and Nicole playing on our shoreline

Kayla, Kendra and Nicole (Katie was at a birthday party). The girls were trying to catch little fish and frogs.

Kayla (right with goggles) and her best friend Kendra being silly.

The girls trying to see if they can all three float on the kneeboard at the same time.

And over they go!

Plans for our Lake home

I just love this entry way. It's different. I can't wait!
This photo came out really small, but it is a really great looking gazebo with a fireplace.

We are still planning but grabbing photo's of what we want for the designer/architect and thought I'd share a few photo's that we have so far.

Boys Winter Formal 2007

Kyle and Kevin getting ready for Winter Formal. Kyle just had hernia surgery so he wasn't able to go, but they still got dressed up and went out to dinner. Kevin just got out of the shower and Kyle grabbed him for a picture.
Kyle's girlfriend Meagn on the left and her sister on the right. Katie being silly down front. So excited to be in the photo with the big girls.
Aren't they adorable?

Kevin and his date. They were on a slope and I should have had Kevin go on the high side. She was taller than him anyway but I wasnt' thinking when I took the photo.

Ah ........what a gentleman.

Katie's Talent Show

She's all dressed up and ready to perform! This is the first year she has been at a bigger school so it was new to her to have to TRY OUT for a talent show instead of just SIGNING UP. Katie and her friends were sooooooooo excited when they found out they made it in! We were so proud of them for all thier hard work. They loved getting all dressed up. It was great seeing her have such a fun time with her best friends!
Let's get ready to rock! Katie is in the back on the right.

Not sure why her eyes are closed. goof ball. Tada! Good job guys!

Our little Wakeboarder

Isn't she just adorable? She has her life jacket on and is ready to jump in! Kayla learned to wakeboard. It was soooooo cute. It was a bit cold out but she was a trooper. It took her a few tries but she got up and eventually she stayed up the whole length of the lake. When she fell she said she was freezing and ready to get in the boat. Mike was in the water with her, so he just swam around when she would get up, when she would fall I'd circle around and pick up her and Mike and she would try it again. At one point she told Mike "Dad you know I'm not stopping until I get up, right?" That's our Kayla.

She doesn't even want to yell hit it. This requires full concentration. Dad helps her out by giving my the thumbs up. Kayla is ready!
Full concentration is still going on! She was so proud of herself. And we were very proud of her also.
wowowowoowwoooooo.....going down... I'd say she got scared and let go. But she got back up again. Good job baby girl!