Friday, March 25, 2011


I saw an Oprah show awhile back and it got me thinking.  She was talking about how she found out she had a sister and how long this sister knew that she was OPRAH'S SISTER and never told the press.  Oprah was talking about how this meant a lot to her.  How she had been burned by friends and family members in the past.  All I could think is HOW SAD IS THAT! 

I can't imagine rat-finking out my friends or family.  Famous or not famous, how do you do that?  When I have a friend I have their back (so to speak)....  I don't take my friendships lightly.  I may be so busy that I don't get to spend near the amount of time with my friends that I like to but I most definitely value my friendship with them.

True friends don't rat-fink.  I have a couple friends who are in the public eye and I could never dream in a million years of putting anything personal out there about them.  EVER..  EVER.. EVER.. No matter what.. NEVER.  Anytime I even mention their name or anyone in their families name I ASK FIRST to make sure it is something I can share.  AND are you ok with how I worded things?  It isn't because I want to slant something one way or another, I say what "I" feel or I don't post it BUT just because I'm excited about something doesn't mean they want it shared on my soapbox!

This goes for family and friends who aren't concerned about the media being alerted every time they bend over and have cellulite.  It's just common courtesy.

When I saw Oprah talking about this it just made me so sad.  Not just for her but for everyone who has had this issue.  Some say "that is the price of fame"....  Well, maybe the media hounds is the price of fame.....BUT your own family and friends sailing you down the river for a gossip column.  Really? 

Makes you think....... As a person NOT in the lime-lite I am careful about who I am friends with.  For multiple reasons.  I think we all are.  Everyone wants someone they can trust to share personal things with.  Everyone wants someone who is fun loving and brings us up instead of down.

I've met people that I've thought, wow you may be good at what you do and/or popular but I would never want to "hang out" with you or be your friend.  On the flip side, I've met people who I INSTANTLY clicked with.  I knew within a few minutes that this person has a beautiful spirit. 

Can you imagine being in a situation where you have to wonder is this person really my friend?  Do they just want something from me?  Are they going to find out something personal and sail me down the river?

Breaks my heart!

I was doing 100 things about me on twitter and friendship was one thing I commented about myself....... it brought to mind the Oprah show and here I am spilling what is on my mind to you!

What do you think?  What kind of friend are you?  Have you had this happen to you before?

Inquiring minds want to know.....  No not THE INQUIRER....just Momma on her soapbox.  =)

Happy Friday night!

Ciao Bellas~

Sunday, March 20, 2011


A few random photos of my now TEENAGER!

Her party was a blast.  I will upload photos soon for you all to see.  There were 15 of them running around and SLEEPING ALL OVER THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR.  It was a crazy mess (silly string galore) but listening to them being "American Idol Judges" and contestants was a HOOT.  I need to see if I can figure out how to upload the video I took of them.  Oh my gosh!

NERDS.. ha ha

Cooking class...They were serving the parents dinner, so YUM!

She found her twin...

Goofball girls.... I'm sure if you put all of us mom's together we would probably pose something like this too.  We are all GOOFBALLS!  This is most of the best friend group.  These girls are the greatest group of kids ever.

And this is my baby girl enjoying some cake....  I wish I could have her back at this age, even just for a day!

Ready for URBAN CIRCUS play.

At home putting on a show for Hunk and I.

Eating pancakes and hot chocolate.

She looks sleepy...

Being Miss Hollywood on the front deck of our beach house.

Look at the talent in the tongue.  HA HA

Being a goofball, going down our driveway. of her favorite things to do.

Goofing around with her brothers Wrestler teammates...another one of her favorite things to do.

She is going in for a take down.  HA

Getting out of the limo at last years dance..

With a couple of her best friends at the dance...

Another one of her friends before the dance.... They both look so pretty!

Shoving in the pizza!  That's what we are having tonight too!

Us in Maui this last summer.

When she was little with her Great Grandpa and little sister.

First day of 7th grade.

Pretending to be a model in Maui on a photo shoot with my sister, who is a professional photographer in Denver, Colorado.

These 13 years have gone past with a blink of an eye.

Great weekend..... Even if I am a bit sad seeing my little girl officially becoming a teenager. You would think I'd be used to having already gone through this with the boys. Next year my BABY will turn 13.. sniff...sniff..

Happy Birthday sweet THIRTEEN YEAR OLD Rugrat!  I LOVE YOU!

Ciao Bellas~

Friday, March 18, 2011


I can hardly believe it!  My little Rugrat will be the big "13" tomorrow!

We are having her birthday party here at the house.  She had planned to camp out in tents with 14 of her friends but because of rain I believe there will be 14 of them in my living room instead. 

I told Hunk we are banished to our bedroom while the girls take over the house.

My son (17) is planning to hit the road to a friends house for the night and our youngest daughter is deciding if having a friend over or going to a friends is her best option.  She can always hang out it our bedroom with us!

We are having a chocolate fountain, sundae's, cupcakes, pizza and soda's in bottles.

If you remember stories about my daughter you remember how organized she is.  She made her party invitations and gave them out well over a month ago.  She has had her "party plan" taped up to the side of my desk along with the list off all who have RSVP and will attend.  She has the list of items I need to purchase.

She is going to make a great wife someday........or drive her poor husband CRAZY!  Can you imagine the detailed lists she will leave for him. HA HA

She went from this......(yesterday..sniff...sniff.)

To this!  And actually this was taken when we were in Maui last July... She seems to have changed even since then!

I will put up more photos of my little girl tomorrow on her special day but I just had to share.

It's becoming a crazy year for me very quickly it seems.  My oldest is getting married in June, TWO DAYS after my other son graduates from high school.  He will then begin college and will be moving away from his Momma! (In August).....  We will only have two left at home and they will be 7th and 8th grade!

Where does the time go?

Hug your babies........big and small.  And have a B-E-A-UTIFUL day!

Ciao Bellas~