Saturday, June 25, 2011


The day after my sons wedding my girls flew back with my sister, her hubby and son to Colorado.  They went up to Mount Evans.  My oldest daughter (thinking it's summer time and being a California girl) only brought shorts... And did I mention she has no fat on her tiny body...........If she wasn't 13 and my daughter I may not like her for that....NOT JUST KIDDING.....

Because of her lack of body fat and lack of proper clothing AND elevation level her lips were BLUE. 

 My sister, my girls, my nephew and my brother in-law.

 Isn't it beautiful!!??!

 I LOVE waterfalls!

Fast forward to the next day and back down to Denver elevation and the weather was a bit nicer so my brother in-law and sister set up the slip-n-slide for the kids.

Then they played ball with their cousin and uncle.

 Then I arrived party over kids and the party began. HA HA.. Hunk was with me and we hug around for a few days and he had to get his butt back to work.  So we took him to the airport and peeled out of there as quickly as possible we drove home talking about how I would miss him and picked up the kids and headed up the hill to Vail.

Here we are in Vail..... LOVE GOING HERE...  was a little different than our trip with just the two of us last time but we had a great time.

Great thing about having a sister who is a professional photographer is that you get great photos, bad thing is she is usually not in them (unless she sets the timer)..

After all the stress that has been going on with graduation, college applications, wedding planning, becoming a mother in law and soon to only have two rugrats left at home this wasn't Maui for a month is a great vacation.

Still determined to find and keep my Aloha......even if it is in Colorado!

Graduation photos are almost done being edited (my sister has been slammed with her own photography business work and/or vacationing with me so she is being SLOW)..

Yes, Tami, I called you slow......Do you still love me? ;-)

So what are your summer 2011 plans??  My next one is camping.  I can't wait to be filthy and bathe and wash dishes in lake water!!

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Momma, what a lovely family! These photos, which are amazing by the way, remind me of the summer vacations I used to take with my children when they were little. Every year we'd visit my sister and the kids would spend their days in the water slide in the backyard and the kiddie pools. Such sweet memories! Thank you for invoking them! :) Were all of us to be so lucky as to not have body fat like your child! hee hee!

  2. Bella~ I really am blessed to be so close to my sister......and though she lives in Colorado and I live in California we make a point of getting together. I miss my boys being this age, one is off on his honeymoon right now and the other will be leaving for college in August... I'm holding tight to the two little girls I have left at home....

    Enjoy your sweet memories, I'm so glad you have them...of your kids and time with your sister.