Friday, June 24, 2011


Momma and her little "gooser"

 The Happy Couple!

 My Hunk with our biggest Rugrat on his big day!

 My daughter in-law with her Daddy walking her down the aisle.

 "You may kiss the bride"

 Love them!

 My beautiful new daughter.

 This is the best group of boys.  Love them all.

 Hunk and I......our baby is getting married.
 My two rugrat boys.

 Such a beautiful ranch wedding.

 My little nephew.

 My little rugrat daughters with their cousins.
"Kissin' Cousins"

 Miss Sassy Pants.  My oldest rugrat daughter.

 This is one of my favorites of  my girls!
 My "baby"

Hunk and I with our boys!

I love you so much son!

I have more photos to come.  These are photos my sister took for us.  Though she was not the actual photographer for the wedding she  OF COURSE couldn't help but take some photos.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into one of the happiest days of our sons life.

Ciao Bellas~



  1. I love your sister's photographs - she captures the perfect family perfectly! Wow hunk is a hunk! Haven't seen much of him and then there he is - a babe magnet. Well, oh yeah - you are a babe! Love your blue blue dress - so beautiful. Love the pix she captured of you and Kyle - but you don't look old enough to have a son that old, much less getting married!!

  2. Not sure if I will share your comment with Hunk.....he may let it go to his head. LOL

    But seriously, thanks Miss Nan! And for the record... I'm sooooooooo NOT old enough. LOL (wink)

  3. Congratulations! It was obviously a beautiful day with lots of love!

  4. Thank you!! It all turned out great! All the nerves are dying down and they actually left today for their honeymoon! Yay!