Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vail, Colorado

Some more photos of our trip to Vail, Co.

When we left my sisters house it was raining...I'm like......June? Really? The weather has been so crazy this year!  It's almost July and it was raining in California today.  Hope it's good weather tomorrow.  We fly back home tomorrow afternoon.

Oh ya, I was talking about Vail.......  It is soooooooooo worth the trip!!  Do not however get a haircut there without double checking the price!!  Holy Cow!

So beautiful....  I was driving (of course cuz I'm a SPAZ BACKSEAT DRIVER and my sister doesn't like to drive in the mountains!!) but my sister was snapping photos! 

The closer we got to Vail it started to look a lot more like Christmas (in June)

The kids have been holding their breath through tunnels since we have been here but this one was loooooonnnngg....... no way they could do it.... But they tried.  ha ha

We came out the other side of the tunnel to it SNOWING!!  It was crazy.  So much fun!!

Beautiful views all the way in and WE MADE IT!!

We stayed at the Lodge at Vail and it's location was PERFECT!!!  We just walked out the back door right into the village.  Lot's of shops and restaurants. YES,it's so all about the food.

Our kitchen....

And another shot showing part of the living room and the kitchen.  We had a real wood burning fireplace but we never used it. We had one bedroom with two twin beds and a bathroom downstairs and upstairs were two bedrooms. One with two queen size beds and a bathroom and one with a king size bed and a bathroom.  Was perfect for going with kids or a group of adults.  They also have two pools and a great restaurant.  I've never in my life had eggs so fluffy that they actually melt in your mouth!  We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the great weather. 

This was our view from our balcony.  It looked down on the village.  It had a few chairs out there to kick back and people watch relax in.

My nephew and my son and youngest rugrat.

We had a great time!  It was different going in the summer and with the rugrats this time and also during the fall the color is very beautiful here.  You can go here and see my last trip there.  We had a blast!!  BUT Vail is fun and beautiful anytime of the year and with or without children.  I'm thinking maybe Christmas?? 

Hunk told me I'm already planning my next vacation while I'm still on a vacation....but I LOVE to travel!!!!  I'm all over the place in my head.....always searching for great places to go.

Where should we go next???  Where is your favorite vacation spot?

~Ciao Bellas~


  1. I am soooo jealous! I've wanted to go to Vail for years. It is so absolutely gorgeous. It looks like you had a wonderful trip!

  2. Thanks for commenting over at The Layers...I love Colorado, there are so many cool towns like the Vail shots. Why didn't I move there, WHY?

  3. Gorgeous Photos!!! Vail looks amazing!!
    You take the BEST vacations!!! My favorite vacation is any place I can get to on a cruise ship... I'm not a good flyer.

  4. I have relatives all over Colorado but none there. LOVED the pictures and the Village - I wanna go right now especially in this 105 heat - ugh. Miss you much dearest friend. When do you anticipate slowing down? Oh ah hahahahahahahahaha - well, no. That wasn't a joke.