Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vail, Colorado~ Let the Sister trip begin!!

Here we are!!! Me and my little Sista'...... We were on our back deck.. It was so B-E-A-utiful!

We are family...ya ya ya...... I got my baby sista with me....... (we used to sing this song when we were little, it was my sisters favorite!)

You know the song, right? There is one in every crowd and it's usually ME? Well, here I am. You know I love to people watch.... well, the way I see it I can't be the only one who enjoys people watching. And these people traveled all the way to Vail, I can't let them down! Come on now, they needed a good story to tell their friends.
I'm thinkin' there story went something like this:
Ring......Ring..........Ring..... "Hello?" ..... "Susie?" ....... "Yes, this is Susie.".... "Oh my gosh girl you missed it! You should have with us to Vail! We just got off of the gondola ride and were walking up the plaza heading to eat dinner. You should have seen this lady. (not sure if I qualify for the term lady)... She stood up on top of this fireplace RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF VAIL PLAZA.... Her sister had a camera and I thought she was going to just take her photo. Then she jumps up in the air mind you she isn't some petite thing, but she got all the junk in her trunk up off the fireplace and was flyin' like the wind... then she throws her arms up and strikes a pose in mid air. Now wait.....the BEST PART, she lands it.....well we thought she was going to land it and then she falls to the ground. She is laughing so hard and I hear her shout out, wait little Sister don't laugh, I can't laugh right now... I'M GOING TO PEE MY PANTS!!! We waited to see if she was going to be sitting in a puddle but it never happened. I don't understand people. I mean seriously? In Vail Plaza. Go to a park lady... You really need to come with us next time. (Ya sorry not showing the wipe out photo! See I can't, my little sis was laughing so hard that there isn't one)"

Yep, there is one in every crowd and the scary or maybe just plain sad part is I'm PROUD to say It's USUALLY ME...... (just doin' my part... I'm just thoughtful like that.. ) The leaves were starting to turn. It is a great time to go to Vail. Not only for the beautiful changing of the leaves but everything was on SALE. I mean "K-MART Red (or is it blue?) light Special" kind of sale. We are talking 50% off sale. An occasion 51% off, just for good measure. Almost every restaurant offered buy one bottle of wine and get one free. Our Suite was 50% off as well. HIGHLY recommend this trip, I will cherish the memories with my little sis forever!

Soooooooooo beautiful!!

So you know I have another story! My little sista' and myself are laying back at the pool catchin some rays. Of course you would think living in California and being a less than tan that I would not forget the importance of sunscreen. One would think this was just common sense. Especially when you are up soooooooooo high and the sun can burn you even faster. Nope, I'm still peeling a bit from my burn. But the fun story for picture isn't how I left looking like a tomato.... it's that I sent this picture in a text message to my hunk a hunk a burnin love with a sweet little note letting him know how much I appreciated that he was here with the 4 children while I was burning by the pool and drinking a margarita.
I sent the photo of my margarita and under it I said " Thanks honey! I love you!!!"

MY PHONE BUZZ's BACK WITH A TEXT (Wowza that was fast, hunk a hunk a burnin' love usually replies with a text saying "my phone number is".... ya, he's not a big text person) I get so excited and press to open it....... THIS is what I see..

Ya............................ Your welcome.........

SMART BUTT!!! A man of many words........ Nice photo of his McDonald's lunch in his work truck. I laughed so hard......... imagine it.... ha

My sister being a photographer had me stand here for a photo because of the beautiful lighting. I really was in awe of how beautiful it was there. Did I mention I think you all you try to go sometime???

My gorgeous little sista'......... Oh I just love her so much!!!!

I decided to just sit on the fireplace instead of jumping off of it this time.

We had fun taking photos in this Gondola. In fact it was our pleasure to give others walking by something to look at (again)... But the way I see it. We only live once, we will never see these people again, so let us be the dorks we are and get our fun photos!
My sis looks so pretty......
And then the silliness begins...........
YES! I PROMISE you it really really was that funny and then some! Oh boy we had a great time!

I know this looks so real, right? I was trying to pretend as though I was hundreds of feet in the air and about to step off. But obviously, the photo didn't quite capture that with the nice stone walk way right beneath my foot. But again........ it's OK,...........because we had fun..... we laughed, we laughed so hard that we cried at some moments. Well, lets be honest.......we laughed so hard that I almost peed my pants at some moments. Like I said in the beginning of this post. The memory of this trip with my sister, I will always cherish! I love you little sista'......
Ciao Bella~

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  1. LOL!! I love your Susie story!! Oh my gosh. We are such dorks but dorks who had a wonderful time. Just like when we were growing up. :-)