Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let the stress be-GONE.

I enjoyed a walk on our property this morning before starting my day. I took my camera with me to remind me of the beauty we all have to look at. It's easy to take it for granted when we are so busy with our day. Today I wanted to stop......de-stress.....and take the time to smell the roses (or California Poppies) ........well, lets be honest it's not all "roses" that I smell, but sounds better than a few other smells I could post...

A few birds flying around and I'm enjoying the cooler weather those clouds are providing this morning.

This is where we plan to put the water trampoline. I found one that is green and brown instead of blue and yellow. Of course it must have the "BLOB" on it. My "hunk of burnin love" will surely be the biggest kid off all. I better make sure my medical insurance is paid up before I snap shots of my rugrats flying thru the air while my 'hunk of burnin love' lies there laughing after being so proud of the height to which he has made his children fly.

This is the path that goes down to the tip of one of our coves. I'd love to put a little bungalow down there someday.

I can feel the stress melting away... Water is so calming to me. I love the outdoors, the peace and the beauty. I feel so blessed to be able to sit and have this view to calm me each day.

The grass is still dry from summer...... I can't wait for it all to turn green again...

This is part of our driveway just before you make the turn to the house,

miss the turn and your car will be launched..... you will be swimin' with the fish.

The tree between the two rocks that looks like it has fallen over is actually growing that way. It stretches straight out like that to the lake. It's like it has leaned over to get a drink of water and didn't have the strength to stand back upright. I feel it's pain.... I've leaned over to do something before and I thought I need a crane to help me stand back up-right. Grabin' my back and cursing the days of my youth slippin away...... one ache, one pain and one gray hair at a time.

The below photos actually from the other night as the sun was setting. I stepped out on the patio and was so impressed with the color of the sunset that I had to go grab my camera. I love a beautiful sunset.

Can't think of a much better ending to my day........

The tension from running around like a wild woman trying to get the kids ready for school is now becoming nothing but a memory.. (until tomorrow when it starts all over again)... Ya know, you hear, "YOU ARE GOING TO MISS THESE DAYS"..... And with having a son who is 19 years old I know there is truth in those words of wisdom. What I'm not sure about is if I will ever miss the mornin CHAOS. I will and already do miss when they were very small and always had the cutest things come out of there mouths....... Like when my rugrat daughter was trying to say that she wasn't thinking clearly and instead of saying "I wasn't making any sense" she said "It was like I didn't have any money in my head for a minute!"........
But will I really miss the rugrats fighting amongst themselves? I'm not sold on that one yet.

Enjoy your morning!

Ciao Bella~


  1. Wow it is beautiful !
    My husband would love it ! He dreams of a lake house, and from Belgium he is always looking at lakehouse.com we love this website !
    Thanks for coming on my blog !

  2. Hey there Valerie. Thank you for the compliments. We love the peace that comes with living here. On days when I get tired of "dirt" I remember how much I like the peace and quiet! Well, as much peace and quiet as you get with four rugrats (aka children)...

  3. ♥ BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'd love to wake up to that anyday!!! I've never heard of a water tampoline but my kids would be ALL OVER THAT!!! Beautiful Sunset! I totally hear you on the morning chaos it's so true and I don't think I'll miss that either! i do miss the baby stage also! Really miss it! However don't miss the 2-3 yr old crabby get into EVERYTHING stage! :)

  4. I'll have to post a photo of the water trampoline so you can see what I'm talking about. Thank you so much for your compliments. I do feel very lucky with my life. When the chaos calms down (or they go to sleep! lol) it's nice to relax and look at what sometimes feels like a little slice of heaven....