Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Domestic Goddess??????? NOT, but sounds good.

Been feeling very domestic the last couple days! Yesterday I made cream cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon and homemade salsa... YUM..... My hubby said I could make them every night and it would be OK with him.... I'm thinking that won't happen, but loved the compliment! Did I mention my fingers were burning all day from cutting and scraping the jalapenos?! Ok, not the brightest light bulb in the room.........gloves are a must next time!

The rugrats are off to school, (except my oldest who is visiting his best friend in Georgia) my hunk of burning love is at work and I'm doing all the things a woman dreams about...all the things we wake saying we just can't wait to be able to do...... all the things you would pay money to be able to do..... OK, maybe that we would pay good money to NOT HAVE to do... but the other sounds so much better.... so YA, I'm doing ..... laundry, dishes and getting ready to do some office work. I can feel the envy in the room....

Tomorrow I'm having a ME DAY with friends. We are going to the spa and getting a massage and then lunch.......... of course lunch......I mean really!? Isn't it ALWAYS all about the food?

Speaking of food .....Friday I will be spending the day canning my homemade salsa! Yeah!!

My hunk of burning love spent the day yesterday loading and offloading sand. He is adding more sand to our beach area while the lake water is low. Don't ya just love a hard working sweaty man on a tractor? Hard to believe I've been married to mine for just over 20 years now~ Never pictured myself with a wrangler wearing tractor driving man 23 years ago when we started dating... now? Can't picture myself without him..... He's my world, my maybe I need help with this 4 rugrats he has showered me with! ; ) But still can't picture myself without him.... hunk-a-hunk-of burnin' love.....(now that song is in my head)

I guess I better go, I have so many wonderful things to take care of..... OKAY the buzzer on the dryer went off and if I don't fold the clothes now......I'll have to iron them and that's.........well..... just not in the cards for me today...

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