Monday, September 28, 2009

Our dogs, a few of our cats and poor dirty faced Paul Sherbert getting a bath

This is our dear sweet OLD dogie Nestlie. She is having a much harder time getting around lately and our hearts are breaking knowing her time with our family will not doubt soon be coming to an end. She was an excellent hunting dog. She followed my 'Hunk a Hunk a Burnin' Love' everywhere. She would run and play with the rugrats and wanted to spend every moment with us that she could.

Now she spends most days laying around and wags her tail when she sees us just hoping we will come over and love on her. Which we always make time to do.

She did make a trip down the hill to our lake where she laid part-way in the water and under the shade of the boat the other day. Unfortunately, she couldn't get back up the hill. My "Hunk of Burnin' Love' had to carry her back t o our door. Made me cry!

This is our LUCKY dog Buck. He was given to us as a house warming gift and has been the most expensive dog we have ever owned. He has been bit by rattle snakes at least 4 times. The first time we took him in, had him hooked up to an IV giving him anti-venom. This was a very costly hospital stay for Mr. Buck.......well for US.... every time after that we have given him Advil and told him we loved him and wished him luck.... (they said the anti-venom should only be used one time).... He has recovered more quickly with each bit.

Next he followed a stray dog and was picked up by the pound. Now we lived in the middle of nowhere so I didn't think to check with the pound. I was afraid an animal or animals got to him. My husband mentioned the pound and I thought well heck I'll give it a try. I called and they told me that they had him but the time limit was up and he had been put down the previous day. My heart hit the floor! How could I have not called sooner? OMGosh! Then she someone in the background said something and she asked me to hold the line. She came back on to tell me that the dog she thought was put down was actually still there. Apparently they hadn't gotten too busy the day before and he wasn't put down. I was so upset to know they put these animals down so quickly, broke my heart but I was so excited to know they thought they had my dog! I rushed to the pound and there he was. I ended up adopting him back because it was cheaper than paying his BAIL! uhhhhhhhh this dog.......

OH when he was a pup he was up at the shop and decided to lay underneath a trailer. My 'Hunk of Burning Love' backed the trailer up, didn't see him and he didn't move, and BUMP.....Buck was run over with the trailer. It broke his hip bone.

There have been MANY MANY MANY other stories of how lucky our Buck is.....but we too are lucky and in love with our housewarming gift!

OH I failed to mention. Our Nestlie is Buck's Aunt!

I think he is saying "GREAT...... MORE PHOTOS!"

Where is kitty kitty??? Hiding in the tree..... He thinks I can't see him! Silly cat.

It's OK Kitty I didn't want to keep the plants that were once in this planter anymore..... I bought it for your bed.......
If you can believe it we have 5 cats who sleep in this! Momma kitty and all five of her NOT SO SMALL kittens. By the way......this is one of the not so small kittens.

A few months ago our momma kitty had kittens (AGAIN) and I was talking to my nephew on the phone. He said "Auntie I want an orange kitty" I told him he could have the orange kitty and I asked him what he wanted to name it. He said "Paul" I was laughing so hard. My nephew is 4 years old. Where did the name Paul come from? So OF COURSE I named him Paul. My rugrats wanted to name him Orange Sherbert because he is orange.... so we have combined the two and have "Paul Sherbert"..... Well, Paul Sherbert has a CONSTANT dirty face.... I mean ALWAYS.... My hunk a hunk of burning love and my animal loving rugrat daughter decided to give this poor kitty a bath. He is so loving that he didn't cause anyone to bleed but lets just say he wasn't happy about it...
His face did look much cleaner though........

I'm so sorry Mr. Sherbert..... it was done out of love......

Have a good night!!!!!
Ciao Bella~

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