Friday, September 3, 2010


This is part of an on-going series LBDDiaries and I are doing on keeping our Inner Aloha/Peaceful Life. See my previous post at Organize with a Calendar {for the CEO of your houshold} or Helpful Homework Advise {Stop the Homework Hassle} for some more great tips!

Well, my LOVE DARE journey has been going GREAT!  Hunk doesn't even know I'm doing it.  I do believe he "suspects" though.  I couldn't find my book the other day and when I was looking for it he said "Oh, so you have you been doing that?"  and I said "I just wanted to read in it.".

I bought him a card out of the blue a couple weeks ago that was just telling him how much I love him and how great of a hubby his is.  I do things like this from time to time but admittedly not often enough which is why I think when he saw I was looking for my Love Dare book he made that comment.....  Irregardless I'm thrilled to say IT IS WORKING...I can feel us becoming even closer than we were.  And it's making me feel good inside at the same's not ALL about him... SMILE

Day 2 is titled "Love is Kind"  It said something that just grabbed me.

KINDNESS IS LOVE IN ACTION.  Wow...  Is that true or what? 

If you remember(click to see my previous post) Day 1 was about Patience.

Day two goes on to say "If patience is how love reacts in order to minimize a negative circumstance, kindness is how love acts to maximize a positive circumstance.  Patience avoids a problem; kindness creates a blessing."

This is true not only in marriage but in all relationships.  We like to surround ourselves with KIND people.  Kind people make you feel good.

Just working on being kind and patient can make immediate changes in your relationship.

This book builds on itself. Meaning when you move on to day two you don't forget day one's lesson.  Each day they give you a "Challenge" for the day.  In day two the challenge  is to again not saying anything negative to your spouse today and do at least one unexpected gesture as an act of kindness.

That can be anything.  From making breakfast, to packing lunch, to writing a letter or giving a gift card.  There are soooooooooooo many things that can be done as an act of kindness.  It doesn't have to be a huge expensive thing.....  Some of the best gifts in life are free.  Just think of something that would mean allot to them.  Often times we tend to do things for our spouses that WE would want done for us, try to think of something that would mean most to them.

Another thing I've learned is if your spouse doesn't react the way you think they should to your act of kindness don't let this discourage you.  We all express things differently.  And if we are doing an act of kindness for the SOLE PURPOSE of getting "love" or "something" in return, then we are doing it for the wrong reasons.  That will come.

What I love most about this movie/book is that it can strengthen good healthy marriages as well as relationships that are struggling.  AND even if only one person is doing "The Love Dare" it can make changes.

Because marriage is so important to me.  Because I really believe this can change relationships (ones with your spouse/partner and the one you have with yourself).  Because I care about YOU and YOUR RELATIONSHIPS. 

 I want to do a giveaway.

I will give away both the Movie "Fireproof " and the book "The Love Dare"

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with one act of kindness you have done or plan to do for your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend?

If you follow my blog you get one extra entry.
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If you Post about this on your blog with a link back to my blog you get 3 extra entries.
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(Post a separate comment for each entry and be sure to leave the link to your site and an email address where I can contact you if you are the winner)

Contest ends on Saturday September 11th at midnight Pacific Standard Time

Ciao Bellas~

***** Please note...This giveaway is not sponsored by anyone except for ME. (smile)*******


  1. I think right now the biggest gift and act of kindness I could give my hubby is to be patient with him. It has been out the window and far away lately. Somedays I question how he puts up with me, but I know that it is through his love for me that he just deals with me. I need to give him the respect that he deserves.

  2. I am also an avid follower. You make me smile and I really wish I could have joined you in Hawaii. Aloha!! :)

  3. And I think I just started following you on facebook. Let's hope I got that one right. :)?

  4. Well this will be fun! Hmm - first of you asked a question - Alpha Hubby has a separate office building. The place is majorly skanky stinky (wet dog smell) because of the people who were living in it. It's VERY dirty and smelly and I am going to surprise him week after next by cleaning it from top to bottom, bathroom and all. He's all, "Just leave it alone, I'll take care of it" but he really doesn't have time.

  5. Secondly, OBVIOUSLY I follow your blog - duh! We're in 'dis togetta baby!

  6. Thirdly, NO Facebook account so that's out but fourthly, I do follow you on Twitter!

  7. Oooo and I already do have a link to your blog on my sidebar - that's FIVE whoo hoo! Hmm, this feels like I'm cheating since we are in 'dis togetta!!

  8. I may or may not have time to post about this tonight for tomorrow morning - if so I'll come back and say so - otherwise, no 3 points for me, bew hew.

  9. My husband and I have watched the movie together twice, and would love the book!
    It is normal for me to get up early with him in the mornings and make his lunch and coffee before work, but I;m usually just hurrying around and not really enjoying this time we have together, so Monday I plan on being extra talkative (which he loves) and enjoying him!

  10. Hi stephanie! Just letting you know that I will be needing your snail mail address so I can send you your knitting needles! Yay! ;-)

    love, love, loved the movie! We saw it with a group of friends from church! Great give-a-way! ;-)

  11. I made my hubby go to bed two hours earlier than he usually does. He gets up at 5am every morning to go to work to provide for us. He has been so tired lately and still tries to make time for all of us.

  12. My act of kindness is being with the "Hub" this weekend and doing whatever he feels like doing for a change! He's so good to me! We accidently saw the movie at the show and then our church showed it last winter, it was very good and has a lot to teach all of us, evn those of us that has been married a long time!

  13. I have been leaving little notes in his lunch each morning, along with just simply calling to say hello, rather then call with a 911 business emergency. I don't want all of his calls to be BAD ones.

  14. Great giveaway! I've been wanting to watch this!

    My act of kindness to my hubby lately has been communicating how much I love him and also tell him I miss him when he is gone. Just telling him what is on my heart and make sure he feels loved and appreciated. Isn't that what we all crave? :-)

  15. I follow your bloggity blog blog

  16. I'm now following you on twitter (thought I already was but apparently not!)

  17. I have a link to your blog on my blog. :-)

  18. I took over bedtime routine duties the last few nights with kiddo so that my dh could get a little more sleep than usual. (That is usually their time together because he's gone during the day.) He works so stinking hard so that I can stay at home and homeschool our beautiful little girl.

  19. there's a link to your blog on blog's favorite links.

  20. This farm chick just wakes up every mornin' and thinks, 'what can I do today to make Hubby's day better." That, separate closets and double sinks have helped sustain our 37 year long honeymoon.

    I we only worked half as hard keepin' our marriage as we did gettin' there we'd have many more happily ever after stories.

    God bless ya'll and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!

  21. I have to say I totally loved Fireproof! I would love to own it! NExt week is my husband's birthday, and so I think I am going to make his grandmother's Banana Nut cake, which takes like 2 hours to make (gotta sift it like 5 times, etc). I hate making it, but he absolutely loves it!

  22. It has been a week from hell with grandpa dying, the funeral, the burial and relatives, family and so much more. My hubby has been phenomenal. The physical contact (nope, not that) has been so comforting. His looks as I'm crying and upset. The love, it has been amazing. We've been married 30 years and I didn't know he had all that I needed in him.
    I'm not sure this is what you wanted but .... well you asked and I shared.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower, for now that is.
    Take care and God Bless!!
    Oh by the way, I am having a blast getting to know you. I love your blog.

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