Tuesday, September 28, 2010

YARD SALE- CLEAN OUT THE CLUTTER {while getting a sunburn and earning .25 cents}

This is part of an on-going series LBDDiaries and I are doing on keeping our Inner Aloha/Peaceful Life. To see Thursday's post go here.Kindness! Kindness! Kindness! I’m practicing my KINDNESS!

I wanted to change it up just a bit today and talk about "clutter" in our lives.

Is it hoarding?  Is it collecting?  Is it all the money we spent on "stuff" that we feel we can't get rid of it?

I had a yard sale this weekend.  Talk about working hard for little pay.  I never worked so hard for .25 cents!  A brand new jacket I asked .50 cents for it and without skipping a beat he says TWENTY-FIVE.  I said she openeth her mouth with wisdom and on her tongue is the law of kindness "Nooooooooo, .50 cents"  He bought it.  But oh my gosh!  Seriously.  I think if it had been $1 he would have shouted out FIFTY CENTS.. 

By the time the sun had burnt me up on the 2nd day and I knew I was going to have to pack all the crap stuff up that we didn't sell the Yard Sale sign now had "Sale" crossed out and "FREE" written over it. 

Bottom line Sunday was over 100 degrees outside and not many people were shopping.  Plus many people think a Saturday-Sunday yard sale will be picked over junk "left overs" on Sunday.  The truth was our Sunday yard sale was FULL of new stuff.  Hunk and my dad went to our barn and got another huge trailer load of "stuff" to go through on Saturday night.  In fact I had "better" items on Sunday than I did on Saturday.

We bagged up all the clothes and bedding (about 15 boxes and bags worth) and donated them to a woman/child shelter in town.  All the books we donated to the local library.  The rest Hunk loaded up in the trailer to go either trash or Amvets or Salvation Army.

So in the end after a day of  sun burning, irritation, yard sale grime meeting new people, seeing the excitement on little kids faces when I tell them something is .10 cents, .25 cents or FREE I made about $160.00 and I have a barn that has allot more room in it.  That is a great feeling.

I'm not "done" getting the clutter out.  I have lots more things I want to really go through and finish getting rid of (Just to set the record straight, I will not be getting rid of it via a yard sale, I will be GIVING it all away).

When our lives are cluttered, when our homes are cluttered, when we can't find things or don't have room to properly store things or allow everything to have a place it can call home (besides the kitchen counter top) then it's time to do some thinning out.

I strongly believe when we live with clutter our mind is cluttered.  At least in my case.  I think that is why getting rid of the extra stuff feels so freeing to me.

I do have to admit while I sat there on Saturday and Sunday and unloaded boxes getting totally side tracked when I opened boxes of old photos  and I layed it all out on tables and tarps the filled a good portion of the yard I felt a tinge of guilt and remorse.  Why?  WASTE.  So much WASTE.  So many items with tags still on them.  So many un-used expensive items. 

I found myself thinking "If I could have all the money back from these purchases my bank account would be looking pretty good right now!"

I won't dwell on it though.  It was an eye opener and I will use that "eye opener" every time I think I need something new.  Am I 100% sure I will use the heck out of it?  Do I have a place to store it?  Will I still want to use it next year and the year after?  How gut wrenching is it going to be to sell it for TWENTY FIVE CENTS??  Am I THAT sure I NEED it.

Clear the clutter!  It is so freeing!

Momma.....stepping off her box.

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Ooooo this was a GREAT one. So eye opening for me, too, as I unpack my boxes and wonder if the stuff from the old house really fits now in the new house. Most doesn't. Isn't it strange how we change (oh, a rhyme!)? I will apply this when I really begin unpacking the boxes stored in the workshop - am I sure that I need it in this house - before I bring it into the house!

  2. Hi there Stephanie,
    I'm popping in from Nan's blog to see who this wonderful blogging friend of hers is :-)

    You have a great blog, am so with you on the clutter thing - and I'll definitely be back again.

  3. How right you are. Yard sales are a heck of a lot of work for the money you make. I love it when our church has a rummage sale to make money for missions. The perfect place to donate my clutter, huh?