Thursday, September 30, 2010

PROCRASTINATION [Why am I so good at it?}

This is part of an on-going series LBDDiaries and I are doing on keeping our Inner Aloha/Peaceful Life. To see Tuesday's Aloha- Cleaning out Clutter-Yard Sale post go here.

Procrastination are we born doing it or is it something we learn along the way?  Some people do something the minute it needs to be done and others put it off until the last second.

I'm somewhere in the middle but lean towards the last minute..  WHY?  WHY? WHY??

I come up with my own reasons.......
  1. There isn't enough time in the day
  2. I NEED to sit and take a beak for a minute
  3. See reason #1 and #2
But there are others who have just as much to do as I do and seem to find time to be organized and NOT procrastinate.  Getting organized has been a lifelong goal of mine and so why not add STOP PROCRASTINATING to the list?

Sure I do the things that HAVE to be done.  But other things, that are important to me, I sometimes drop the ball on.  Like I have great intentions....but then awful follow thru.

For instance:
  1. I buy birthday cards and forget to mail them
  2. I buy birthday gifts and forget to give them out
  3. I have errands to run in town and then I forget to bring the items on my list.
  4. I buy the jars, etc. to do my canning and then I drop the ball on getting the fresh fruit/vegis.
  5. I buy stuff for a party and don't end up having time to properly plan for it and execute the party.
I'm sure I could go on and on.....

Then you have my daughter.  7th grade and she organizes me.  She does a book report when it is assigned and will have it sitting there for a month waiting for the due date.  She makes lists for me, she plans parties for me, she is my little helper.

Where did she get this from?  NO CLUE....  But I admire it in her.

Another thing I don't understand about procrastinating is that when I do something WITHOUT procrastinating it feels so good.  When I remember things and take my list to town with me and get things crossed off and done it feels great! 

I know I do need to say "no" and take a little off of my plate but owning our own business and being responsible for the office part of it, having 3 children living at home, one whom we are planning college for and one child who bought a home about 10 minutes away from us (which we are redoing a roof on, etc. helping him) AND he is engaged to be married this next's a bit hard to have much of a life.  I MISS MY FRIENDS.  I miss some free time...  But my #1 duty is being a wife, mommy and our office work has to be next in we have somewhere to live as a wife and mommy and food to feed our family (dang work thing).....And my friends and family are on that list......I just wish I had more time to spend with them.

When I decide I'm just DOING IT.... It's good at first and then I pay for it later.  I get behind in the office (which stresses me), my housework gets behind (which is an ongoing problem. Can I hear an Amen? PLEASE...tell me I'm not alone)....And then those roll over into the time the kids and Hunk is home in the afternoon and it takes time away from them....

There has to be a happy medium and I'm in search for it...  And while on my search and on my journey of thinning out the JUNK and CLUTTER from my life and getting myself organized, I'm going to work on NOT procrastinating.

I love my life.  I don't take one single breath for granted, just need to get back to some basics and be a better "manager" of my time.

Living my Aloha........Just had to sell the grass was cluttering up the place. (smile)

OH OH OH..... AND I'm canning my Salsa today...... Check it off the list baby........Ahhhhhhhh.....I'll let you know how good that feels when I'm done!

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Oh! I am so with you on this one. I'm a last minute gal. I'm so proud of myself right now because I'm actually working on Christmas gifts now and not waiting til the last minute.....very rare....must be a hormonal thing - Ha Ha!

  2. HEY everyone has to be a pro at something. I don't know what a crastinate is but I'm a pro at it. OK? Don't bug me while I'm on my throne as Queen of Crastinate. Oh pooh and sigh. I know. I need to quit deferring things, too. I am a dawdler. I have so many other things I'd rather do than whatever it is that I'm procrastinating over. This was good. When we are no longer rulers of the Crastinate Kingdom, we will be so happy!