Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maui, HI~ Day 8

This is for my cousin.  She asked that we "shimmy" up a tree and pick her a coconut while we are here.  I have to admit the thought of my rear doing a "shimmy" up anything is enough to make even the locals stop and stare but I just haven't drank enough been brave enough to try it.  So here is a photo dear loving cousin... a photo of the coconuts I did NOT pick for you but I still call yours.  I love you, please don't make me "shimmy".

Ten years ago my sister stood here and got "Mauied".

Ten years ago I went snorkeling here.  I also chased little ones around the beach.....oh and I OF COURSE got burnt.  That is my signature move...trying to be a Sun Goddess.....and resembling a tomato instead..... gotta luv being a white girl..... Grrrr

I remember one time I was at the beach with a couple friends and these guys were talking to us. (Hunk and I were on a Rachelle and Ross on "Friends") Anyway.....the guys were saying they were from Colorado and asked where we were from.  I said "We are from here, California"  They said "Oh, I thought all California girls were really tan".  EXCUSE YOU MR. COLORADO!  I was probably the most tan I had ever been that year.  I was crushed.  Well, not crushed really.....more annoyed.  

My brother in law standing on the spot.... the "I DO" location.  Whatcha thinkin' brother?  I know....about the best decision of your life taking place right there...  The day..... the special day that you were officially MY BROTHER from another mother.

My pretty girl....

Right after this picture was taken a HUGE wave came and knocked them all in the ocean........

Okay, not really.....but that would sooooo be something that would happen to ME.

This special trip to see what has changed in the last 10 years since my little Sis got married here was witnessed by me the same way you are seeing it........through these pictures.  I didn't go with them on this trip today.  Hunk and I were back at the condo working...working....working.....working.  Hunk, my oldest Rugrat and his fiance are going home this evening......So Hunk and I had to get some work done before he left.  I am very grateful for the mobile office that we brought with us and am doing my best to not complain.  How can I complain?  I'm working in Maui.  It really isn't that terrible.  And we have to pay for this trip somehow!  And the photos are great!  I almost feel like I went.  Don't ya think?


Sniff.....Sniff..... Aloha Hunk and oldest Rugrats...

Maui, Hawaii Day 7~ Old Lahin Luau

This was the highlight of our day!  The entire family, mine (including my future daughter in-law ) and my sister's family were here.  We were just missing our parents and it would have been a repeat of 10 years ago when we went to this same Luau for my sister wedding.  My rugrats were MUCH younger (obviously) then and their eyes did not move from the stage once those grass skirts and coconuts starter moving up there.  Not too much has changed I guess. LOL  But I must admit mine hardly move from it either.  The movement these guys and girls have in their hips alone.  WOW!  If you come to the Islands you just MUST go to a Luau.  They are a bit pricey but sooooooo worth every penny!

Here we are getting ready to walk in the Old Lahina Luau and get our lays and be shown to our seats....My three girls and my three boys.  It almost makes me tear up to just look at them all.  They are growing like weeds before my eyes.  My babies aren't babies in others eyes anymore but they will always be babies in my eyes. 

It reminds me of that song that I find to be so true....Don't Kenny Chesney.......... ahhhhh......ok enough of the sap lets get back to the fun!  sniff...sniff..

Hunk and I seated and getting ready to watch some grass skirts and coconuts and of course eat some yummy Hawaiian food!

My beautiful, talented, little sister (I love her)....and her Hunk (I love him too).....  They live in Colorado and this is such a treat to be able to spend this time with her (well, them but he is only here for a week, so most of the time is with her and my nephew...smiles....)

And here we all are, seated and ready... Well, all of us except for our little sis.  We had front row seats.  The stage is just on the other side of that little rock wall.  We couldn't have picked a better view.  The "show" in one direction, the ocean in the other and the other direction (once you looked through other people) you could see the food....  We had it all and were enjoying every second of it.  I can't help but feel so blessed.

My oldest Rugrat and his Fiance with their big Cali shades.

One of my favorite pictures.  You can't see my Larms! (Leg sized arms for those of you who haven't been reading my blog long) 

I can't believe how grown up my little girls are getting!  Aren't they b-e-a-utiful??  They melt my heart.....I love them more than....cheese...may not seem like a lot but trust me cheese is very important to me.  I don't believe in idols but if I did, mine would be carved out of cheese....but I don't so I just get really excited when something has a massive amount of cheese in it.

My larm.....don't look at my larm.....look at my handsome rugrat.  He is a senior this year!  Waaaaaaa......Waaaaa..
stop growing or you are grounded.
Talent......that sums it up....Talent and beauty...

And the grass skirts and coconut girls....

We had an evening we will never forget.  This one definitely goes down in the books as an evening to remember....

I'm trying to catch up on my posts as I am so behind on my days.  The Islands cause you to relax and I've been doing just that.  We are having a wonderful time here and though we are missing some of our family and friends...we are truly feeling so lucky and blessed to be fortunate enough to be able to spend a month on Maui.  And though I've been relaxing and getting behind on my posts I do love sharing our experience with you all!

~A hui hou kakou~
{Until we meet again}

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maui, Hawaii...Day 6 {PART TWO}

Hunk is on the Lanai, deep in thought. ......
is he just enjoying the view?

I'd say it's the view.  Every morning we sit on the lanai, drink our coffee and enjoy this view.  We usually say something like "man.....this place just sucks eggs!  Maybe we should stay here until it doesn't suck eggs anymore...."

Today was a fun day!  I didn't take my camera with us (darn) but we all went to black rock and went snorkeling.  It was so much fun!  Hunk and I were holding hands as I let him guide me around some coral and look at some beautiful colored fish.  It was feeling like a 2nd honeymoon until I felt a sharp pain on my leg.  It felt like I had been bit by something!  I whipped around with all the panic of a person being attacked by a shark and what did I find.  My rugrat daughter had hit me with her flipper!  Those things hurt.  Soooo teh romantic honeymoon moment was gone with one kick of a flipper and the rugrats we claim as our own gathered around us.  BUT at that moment my heart soared with love for my family and the feeling of being so very blessed that we are fortunate enough to be able to be here and to be snorkeling together as a family.  ALL my children here with me.  It's days like this that I think "If my cancer returns my children will always have this memory"  It's a good thing.........NO, it's a  GREAT thing. 

My sister, brother in law and the rugrats kept snorkeling and Hunk and my 17 year old rugrat son took off down the beach.  They had an appointment to go Scuba Diving today.  My oldest Rugrat and his "fiance" have enjoyed it so much that Hunk and my other son decided they needed to try it out.

After snorkeling we decided we were starving... I know this is a shock to you all because I usually have to force myself to stop eating eat anything, but I was hungry enough to start spearing fish and making my own sushi.

We drove into Lahina and ate at "Bubba Gumps".  It was good but not great.  Usually I love it.  Maybe it had to do with oldest rugrat excusing himself to the bathroom and then not returning forever!  I sent my brother in law in to the bathroom to see if he was ok.  Thoughts of a panic stricken mom start going through my head.  What if one of the locals got mad at him and beat him up.  What if he is in there sick.  What if someone kidnapped him.  My heart starts racing (yes I am a spaz).  Then I see my brother in law start walking outside...obviously my son is not in the bathroom.  I panic.  My brother inlaw comes back empty handed.  He says he didn't see him.  I throw down my credit card and announce to the rugrats, when the bill comes give them this.  I take off outside.  I must have looked like a crazed woman and I hear "MOM".  I turn around as if I am going to have to pounce and fight for his return and there he is.....ON THE PHONE OUTSIDE.  I do what any good mom would do and I walk over and say "Thanks allot! You scared the CRAP OUT OF ME!"  Of course with a smile on my face. NOT!  Then I realize he is in deep conversation.  Again, my mind goes.  Wow, what if something bad is happening at home. 

I return to my seat at the table and announce he is on the phone outside.  I take deep breaths and then my brother in law tells me about his trip to the bathroom to see if he was ok.  I guess he went in and spoke (to a bathroom stall door) "Hey, you okay?"  My son (or so he thought) said "Yes."  So my brother in law who is much like my Hunk starts shaking the stall door on my son...only it wasn't my son..... and the man in the stall starts yelling "Go away man! I don't know you!"....  HA HA HA HAHA..... only to our family.

So my son......he was on the phone with his future father in law talking to him about the fact that he was going to ask his daughter to marry him that evening.  I wonder if he heard his daughters crazed future mother in law freaking out on the poor boy about not telling him if he is going to go use the phone.  WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!  ha ha

So we did a little shopping and then met back up with Hunk and my rugrat and got all the scoop on the Scuba dive.  They loved it!  My oldest son and his girlfriend took off down to the beach (where he was asking her to marry him at sunset) and we headed down to the pool.  A bit later we see them heading up hand in hand, her on the phone and huge smiles.  They were so excited.  She kept saying she needed to calm down that she was so excited that her heart was about to pound out of her chest.  This made my heart soar.  You could see the love that she has for my son and that makes any mom feel good.

After the pool we headed back up to the condo so my rugrat daughter could put on her famous show (that she does every time we go on vacation)  "The Amazing Franswaw" sock puppet show!  Below are the photos from her show.    We all gathered around in the living room and watched, laughed and again I felt so blessed for everything and everyone I have in my life.  I only wish my parents could have been here.  They would have loved the show!

And the flower goes to........

My nephew!  Who is Frenswaw's biggest fan.  He belly laughs so much during her shows.

She is looking for more props! LOL

Hunk breaks out the ice cream bars for intermission.  Even during a show as entertaining as this's still all about the food.

Frenswaw has a new master now.  My nephew has decided to try his hand at it.....but will not give up the ice cream bar. LOL

In fact, Frenswaw has now been replaced with the ice cream bar.

And that my friends was the end of our beautiful 6th day on Maui.

I highly recommend a puppet show by the Rugrats as a top ten way to end your day.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Maui, Hawaii - Day 6 {Part One} THE ENGAGEMENT!

My oldest Rugrat and his girlfriend.  Don't they look sooooo happy?

This is why..... she is no longer his "girlfriend".... He asked her to marry him today and she said YES.  It is official....... I'm going to be an outlaw  a mother in law.  No date set yet, they are thinking late spring or early summer of 2011.  Thank goodness I brought my professional photographer (aka... my sister) with me.

I have more to post about our day 6 here on Maui but I just had to do a separate "special" post about the engagement!

Part two coming soon... (and don't forget to check back tomorrow.....{Day 7} will be more AWESOME photos....we go to the Old Lahina Luau!!) Woot!  Woot!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Maui, Hawaii - Day 5

My youngest Rugrat looking b-e-a-utiful!  We had a great day today.  My brother in law flew in to join us today.  We went in to Lahina today and had lunch at Cool Cats.  They have the best burgers around!  Then the rugrats wanted to come back to the condo and my little sis wanted to head back to meet up with her hubby (my brother in law who flew in) so I took them back while Hunk sat and watched the Nascar Busch race in Lahina.  I picked up my oldest rugrat and his girlfriend and we headed back to Lahina.  They had gone Scuba diving (again).  Once we got back to Lahnia I met up with Hunk and watched some of the race and then we walked around for awhile.  It was a great day!

My brother in law and my oldest Rugrat laughing it up back at the condo.

This is a photo as the sun was starting to set (from the Lanai).  It is even more beautiful in person.

These are some of the crazy trees in Lahina.  I can't remember the name of them but they are sooooooo cool!

Some of the kids are playing "Tarzan" on the trees.

Hunk and I were walking around Lahina and I couldn't help but stop and take a photo of the water.  It is with my phone so it doesn't do it justice AT ALL but I could get used to this!  Do I have to go back to the mainland? sigh......

Sorry.......I just had to share (no I didn't buy it...I was afraid of the affect it would have on Hunk, and a girl needs her sleep, even in Maui)

Again, awful cell phone pictures but I just had to share the fun we have in the evening on the Lanai.  This is of Hunk and my oldest Rugrat.  I LOVE seeing them laugh together!

My little sis, my hunk and my brother from another mother.

Another day in Paradise in the books.  I love my life and I love sharing it with you all! 

Hope you are enjoying the photos and updates.