Saturday, July 17, 2010

Maui, Hawaii Day Two

Hunk thought it would be a wonderful idea to put his (wonderful smelling) foot in our Rugrat daughters face while she played her DSI. I guess this is the price she had to pay in order to sit on the Lanai with us while we drank our morning coffee.

One question....... Do men ever really grow up?...... Am I hearing you all shouting "NO" at the computer? That's what I was afraid of........ha

So in order to keep from spending WAY TOO MUCH money my sister and I headed to Costco to stock up the fridge and cabinets. We ended up finding a great fruit stand, ran into Kmart for a few items and finally Costco opened.

Hunk took all the kids down to Whalers Village and they had breakfast there.

My Sis and I grabbed McDonald's and hurried back to start our "vacation"...

After making the tough decision of what to do our first FULL day on Maui we came up with RELAX AT THE POOL. This is one of our very favorite things to do here. This is my nephew getting his life vest (love vest.....don't ask) on, he wears this when he is swimming in the deep end of the pool. He LOVES it.. (not)...

We decided to start working on our Maui tans ASAP. We only have a month to burn ourselves.. I become the bronzed babes that we know we are (until we look in the mirror.....seriously.....if only the mirror could match my mind after about 5 Mai Tai's..)

Isn't she adorable? This is my oldest Rugrats girlfriend. We took this photo to send to her Momma. Her and my son decided they were going to hit the ground running and they went Scuba diving. They had a BLAST! It started out with a lesson in the pool, showing them HOW to Scuba Dive and then they moved to the ocean.

I think if my Rugrat could be would become certified and do this all the time.

Even...........even...........even.........after THIS....

Jelly fish attack..... Okay, so probably didn't ATTACK him but it did GET him... Swollen and red but he is still so excited about his dive that he doesn't mind....TOO MUCH.

Me? I'm a bit freaked out about it. I was thinking of going Scuba diving. In fact I "THINK" about going Scuba diving every time we come here. Why I never think about it at home in California is beyond me.... but when we come here, well, I think maybe I should try it..



Sigh.... time will tell....

Aloha to day two.


PS. I have another CSN giveaway coming soon!


  1. I'll have to agree with your choice of day 1 activities. Relaxation. Isn't that what vacation is all about?
    I've never been stung by a jelly fish. But I've heard they are painful. I hope it didn't put too much of a damper on his vacation.

  2. Hmmm Momma - a swimming pool or the beach... huh? Then again I live in a place that has no beach so I guess it's just me that would be drawn to sand and surf! Great pix and commentary - sounds like a wunnerful wunnerful time - I'm so glad 4 U!!!

  3. jelly fish??? Holy cow I thought they were extrememly poisonous did he have to have some kind of shot/antivenom?