Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maui, Hawaii Day 7~ Old Lahin Luau

This was the highlight of our day!  The entire family, mine (including my future daughter in-law ) and my sister's family were here.  We were just missing our parents and it would have been a repeat of 10 years ago when we went to this same Luau for my sister wedding.  My rugrats were MUCH younger (obviously) then and their eyes did not move from the stage once those grass skirts and coconuts starter moving up there.  Not too much has changed I guess. LOL  But I must admit mine hardly move from it either.  The movement these guys and girls have in their hips alone.  WOW!  If you come to the Islands you just MUST go to a Luau.  They are a bit pricey but sooooooo worth every penny!

Here we are getting ready to walk in the Old Lahina Luau and get our lays and be shown to our seats....My three girls and my three boys.  It almost makes me tear up to just look at them all.  They are growing like weeds before my eyes.  My babies aren't babies in others eyes anymore but they will always be babies in my eyes. 

It reminds me of that song that I find to be so true....Don't Kenny Chesney.......... ahhhhh......ok enough of the sap lets get back to the fun!  sniff...sniff..

Hunk and I seated and getting ready to watch some grass skirts and coconuts and of course eat some yummy Hawaiian food!

My beautiful, talented, little sister (I love her)....and her Hunk (I love him too).....  They live in Colorado and this is such a treat to be able to spend this time with her (well, them but he is only here for a week, so most of the time is with her and my nephew...smiles....)

And here we all are, seated and ready... Well, all of us except for our little sis.  We had front row seats.  The stage is just on the other side of that little rock wall.  We couldn't have picked a better view.  The "show" in one direction, the ocean in the other and the other direction (once you looked through other people) you could see the food....  We had it all and were enjoying every second of it.  I can't help but feel so blessed.

My oldest Rugrat and his Fiance with their big Cali shades.

One of my favorite pictures.  You can't see my Larms! (Leg sized arms for those of you who haven't been reading my blog long) 

I can't believe how grown up my little girls are getting!  Aren't they b-e-a-utiful??  They melt my heart.....I love them more than....cheese...may not seem like a lot but trust me cheese is very important to me.  I don't believe in idols but if I did, mine would be carved out of cheese....but I don't so I just get really excited when something has a massive amount of cheese in it.

My larm.....don't look at my larm.....look at my handsome rugrat.  He is a senior this year!  Waaaaaaa......Waaaaa..
stop growing or you are grounded.
Talent......that sums it up....Talent and beauty...

And the grass skirts and coconut girls....

We had an evening we will never forget.  This one definitely goes down in the books as an evening to remember....

I'm trying to catch up on my posts as I am so behind on my days.  The Islands cause you to relax and I've been doing just that.  We are having a wonderful time here and though we are missing some of our family and friends...we are truly feeling so lucky and blessed to be fortunate enough to be able to spend a month on Maui.  And though I've been relaxing and getting behind on my posts I do love sharing our experience with you all!

~A hui hou kakou~
{Until we meet again}


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We LOVE hearing about it too, so keep posting... at your lei's-sure (he! he! lame attempt at a joke!)

  2. Great pix and YOU LOOK SO GLOWING AND BEAUTIFUL! That first pix of you and Hunk? Use that on your blog - replace that other one - this one GLOWS - so relaxed, healthy, tanned and smiling - oh OK, you can have the one with your kids if you insist but we so rarely get to see you and Hunk together! I am SO glad you have had a chance to finally relax and chill. The stress just flowed out, didn't it!?

    Thank you for sharing with us! I almost feel like I've been there... almost.