Friday, July 23, 2010

Maui, Hawaii - Day 5

My youngest Rugrat looking b-e-a-utiful!  We had a great day today.  My brother in law flew in to join us today.  We went in to Lahina today and had lunch at Cool Cats.  They have the best burgers around!  Then the rugrats wanted to come back to the condo and my little sis wanted to head back to meet up with her hubby (my brother in law who flew in) so I took them back while Hunk sat and watched the Nascar Busch race in Lahina.  I picked up my oldest rugrat and his girlfriend and we headed back to Lahina.  They had gone Scuba diving (again).  Once we got back to Lahnia I met up with Hunk and watched some of the race and then we walked around for awhile.  It was a great day!

My brother in law and my oldest Rugrat laughing it up back at the condo.

This is a photo as the sun was starting to set (from the Lanai).  It is even more beautiful in person.

These are some of the crazy trees in Lahina.  I can't remember the name of them but they are sooooooo cool!

Some of the kids are playing "Tarzan" on the trees.

Hunk and I were walking around Lahina and I couldn't help but stop and take a photo of the water.  It is with my phone so it doesn't do it justice AT ALL but I could get used to this!  Do I have to go back to the mainland? sigh......

Sorry.......I just had to share (no I didn't buy it...I was afraid of the affect it would have on Hunk, and a girl needs her sleep, even in Maui)

Again, awful cell phone pictures but I just had to share the fun we have in the evening on the Lanai.  This is of Hunk and my oldest Rugrat.  I LOVE seeing them laugh together!

My little sis, my hunk and my brother from another mother.

Another day in Paradise in the books.  I love my life and I love sharing it with you all! 

Hope you are enjoying the photos and updates.



  1. magnificent a very nice blog... love!

  2. Oh my goodness I am sitting here looking at a picture of my daughter from when she was in Maui a couple weeks ago and one of them is her at that same amazing tree in Lahina. Amazing! My parents condo is in Kihei. Is that by you?
    And that tshirt...Funny!
    Love the laughing photos!!

  3. You are having way too much fun! It looks so relaxing. I love the pictures.

  4. GREAT pix - I can't believe they are from your cell phone - they're great! I'm so glad your family got to join you and share in the fun. Was that one tree a strangler fig?

  5. p.s. forgot to say YES your daughter looks beautimous in RED with that red flower - and the one of oldest rugrat & B-I-L looks like a 50's sitcom - coool

  6. The first 3 photos aren't with my cell but the rest are. It does pretty good, except once it gets dark, not so much.

    We are having a wonderful time and I'm soooo enjoying sharing the photos!

    O Mom- Kihei is about 30 minutes from us. So lucky of them. I should have met your daughter for lunch at cool cats (across from the tree in Lahina!) HA HA...... Hope you are doing good!!

    Thanks mom!