Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Maui, Hawaii - Day 4

We had this great plan to take photos of us BEFORE all the baking in the sun and then again AFTER.  Will we look like Hawaiian natives after a month? 

My rugrat daughters and my little nephew are in the photos above..

My oldest Rugrat and his girlfriend, but they are only here for a week.....sniff...sniff...

Ok, I apologize NOW for the next photo....

And............ ME........  Lord have mercy on your eyes.  And could I squint mine anymore?  Why do I always do that.  I smile so big you can hardly see my eyes.  whateve....
 I'm getting ready to hit the pool (to catch some rays) and I wasn't going to post a photo of myself but I'm all about keepin it real.  And this is ALL REAL BABY.....HA...........No make up, no hair styling, not a thing....I'm so not getting dolled up to jump in the pool or the ocean.  And in effort to keep my blog real, you get to see it all. LOL  You lucky peeps.

Today was pretty low key.......OK.....VERY low key.  We just went to the pool here at the condo, worked on our tan and the smiles on the rugrats faces made me feel like I was MOTHER OF THE YEAR...... crazy how much happiness the pool can bring!

My brother in law arrives tomorrow...... we will be kickin it up a notch soon!



  1. You are so pretty. Seriously. That was no makeup and hair??
    I think what makes it so pretty too, is that you have Joy and happiness in your life and you can see it!!

  2. I just love you O MOM! (even before the comment.....but now.......oh ya baby!... LOL) Thank you! You are so sweet. I do have a joy and happiness in my life. If the photo was taken when I was telling my Rugrats to stop arguing over who gets to use the green goggles, it may not look like it.....BUT..I really do feel blessed.

  3. Are you kidding me I love your big smile!!! Great pictures and it looks so beautiful there!!!! :)

  4. YOU LOOK MARVE-HA-LOUS!! Everyone should look so good without makeup with hair flying wild! I yam ze envious.