Saturday, July 24, 2010

Maui, Hawaii - Day 6 {Part One} THE ENGAGEMENT!

My oldest Rugrat and his girlfriend.  Don't they look sooooo happy?

This is why..... she is no longer his "girlfriend".... He asked her to marry him today and she said YES.  It is official....... I'm going to be an outlaw  a mother in law.  No date set yet, they are thinking late spring or early summer of 2011.  Thank goodness I brought my professional photographer (aka... my sister) with me.

I have more to post about our day 6 here on Maui but I just had to do a separate "special" post about the engagement!

Part two coming soon... (and don't forget to check back tomorrow.....{Day 7} will be more AWESOME photos....we go to the Old Lahina Luau!!) Woot!  Woot!



  1. Congratulations!!! I'll bet you will be a great mom-in-law!

  2. Beautiful smiles, beautiful kids (well, young people) and beautiful photos! You'll be a GREAT outlaw, really!!

  3. Congratulations to them! How exciting!!! :)