Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My little sister lives in Colorado and we live in California. We flew in to Los Angeles, CA and met up to take our plane ride together into Maui, Hawaii. It was Hunk, all four of my Rugrats, My oldest Rugrats girlfriend, my little sister and my nephew.

My sister and I took this photo with my phone at the airport in Los Angeles. We were so excited that we get to have this time together and on Maui to boot that we were giddy. Cracking ourselves up every time we were trying to take a photo.

And.........this was one of the photos of we snapped. We were trying to smile and take a good photo but we couldn't hold it together.

We finally got loaded up on the plane (by the way, Hunk tried to get upgraded to first class so he didn't have to sit with all of us! HA HA).... We were all sitting together (lucky flight attendants....). We did get to watch movies on the way over which was fun. My sister and I ended up talking so much that we only watched one movie though.

The time changed (3 hours behind for me, 4 hours behind for my sister) so when we arrived in Maui at about 8:30 at night we were EXHAUSTED.... But still soooooo dang excited! We went and got our rental van and then headed to the Condo.

And went to bed. Because of the time change we were up bright and early. We grabbed our coffee cups and headed to the Lanai......

This is our view from the Lanai. Again, it is a photo with my cell phone, so it doesn't do it justice. Everything looks so far away in this photo but the view is beautiful. You can see the ocean, all the palm trees and it is soooooo relaxing.

I wonder if a month will be long enough..... It's already going too quickly!




  1. My daughter gets home today from 2 weeks in Maui. She went with her Grandparents and fell in love with that island!!
    You and your sister....I love it!!
    Have fun and keep us posted! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, THANK YOU! I was getting so puke sick of that racoon's face when I'd check to see if you'd posted anything new yet (smile)! Hey you've lost weight - it shows in your face! Love the pix of you and your sis - I am so glad you're having an awesome time - be sure to give details for those of us who are vicariously vacationing in HI thru you! Am I having an awesome time??

  3. I hope you two have the time of your life. I miss you and would love to see you both! If only I was retired............. :)
    Love you, Mom