Friday, May 28, 2010


Many of you know we are down to one dog and one cat now. Needless to say the "animal food" around here lasts a much longer time....

NOT LATELY.... I just bought a big bag from Costco and it's all gone...

Hunk and I went into the backyard and the dog food bucket was empty AGAIN. I said "Ok, something is eating this food. There is no way on earth Nestlie ate all of this already."

So Hunk bought another bag and we thought maybe it was possible we misjudged how long we had had the last bag.

Last night I'm getting ready for bed and I head towards my nightstand, which I walk past a big window that points to the back yard. What do I see?

A big ol' Raccoon heading down the back hill towards the back yard. I tell Hunk.

We quietly open the door off of our bedroom and start sneaking to the back yard... I think I could hear the theme song "Secret Agent man.....Secret Agent man" playing in the night....

What do we see???..... TWO big ol' Raccoons with their heads stuck inside the food bucket eating away.

We weren't as stealth as we thought cuz they turned around "Like the thieves in the night that they are" and looked at us like "OH CRUD!" One took off up the hill, the other one looked at us like "I will cut you, oh yes I will".....(Sorry you so have to watch this youtube video that my entire family and anyone who comes to our home has to see upon entry. It's silly but it has gotten ahold of our funny bone and it won't let go. Look up "King Burger" on you tube)

So the 2nd one takes off up the hill to meet up with his little friend a couple minutes later. THEN I start worrying........will they hurt Nestlie. She's old and she doesn't have Buck to help her anymore.

So Mr. Raccoon, as adorable as you are, if you hurt my Nestlie doggie "I WILL CUT YOU".... (Which pretty much means, you are gettin' on my nerves and I won't like you anymore)

I remember one night I was going through chemo and was so weak and it was one of those nights where it was one thing after another, (electricity off & on, medicine, etc) getting no sleep (poor Hunk) and the topper of the evening was a raccoon up in a tree and our dogs going nutso. That is a whole other post, I'll have to share because with the exception of the night it was happening.....(wasn't near as funny then)'s a pretty funny story.

Have a great day!!

Ciao Bellas~


  1. LOL OH cous!! at least you didn't "call" it in like you did the BOB "cat" "here kitty, kitty" hahahahaah

  2. At least it wasn't a SKUNK! At 1 a.m., while up reading, I heard something go up the living room wall and start climbing down one of the rafters. We had no ceiling at the time, just insulation in place (remodeling). When it fell thru, I glimpsed a stripe & was in the bedroom before it hit the floor. Alpha Hubby saved the day - no stank - phew!! All unknown openings sealed now! No dog-cat food outside, either! You called a bobcat???

  3. Yes, she called a bobcat! I am sure that is one of her future stories if she hasn't already told it. :)

  4. Those raccoons! We've had some in our neighborhood over the years. They get into everything!
    I love the Secret Agent Man music in my mind as I see you guys sneaking out to catch the varmints re-handed!

  5. darn that raccoon! We ahve the same problem only its a squirrel! we have one ballsy squirrel in our neighborhood! I love the picture of you...beautiful!!!
    stopping by from sits

  6. Gorgeous photo! :D Love the story :)

  7. Those raccoons are such clever things. Hope they look elsewhere for their feedings from now on.