Thursday, August 26, 2010


Dale Earnhardt, Jr. just may have some up coming competition.  And from a GIRL in the family.  Nope, it's not his sister this time (even though she knows how to hold her own on a track). 

BUT.......The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as they say.  The newest race driver in the family is Kelley Earnhardt's daughter, Karsyn (Earnhardt) Elledge.  With Jimmy Elledge for your daddy, and Kelley Earnhardt for your Momma, Kerry Earnhardt and Dale, Jr for your Uncles and Dale Earnhardt, Sr. "The Intimidator" for your Papaw there is bound to be some racin' blood flowing through those veins.

Here is a photo of Miss Karsyn in her new cart~!  Don't you just LOVE her number?

Karsyn may be a little thing but like many members in her family she isn't afraid to step on that gas pedal.  She proved that at the "Box Stock" Kart race at Woodleaf Speedway in North Carolina.

Look at her go!  Go Karsyn! Go!

You can see video of Karsyn's actual race HERE

And she went....and she went and.....

SHE TOOK FIRST PLACE!!! I'm so proud of you Miss Karsyn! (Karsyn with her Daddy)

I'm so excited to share this and not just because Kelley is a friend of mine and I think Karsyn is one of the most adorable little girls I've ever seen (in my completely unbiased opinion... smile) but also because it's exciting to me as a race fan.  ANOTHER Earnhardt on the track and ANOTHER Earnhardt taking the win.

Isn't she adorable?

~Ciao Bellas~


  1. She is adorable! Isn't it great to show that girls can do anything! Nothing to slow her down - whoo hoo!!

  2. Yep, love it that she kicked bootie. Girls can do anything! And she really has a great mom who makes sure to support her in whatever she wants to do so that helps.

  3. Go, Karsyn!!!
    Who says girls can't race???
    Look out Jr., here she comes!!