Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday Popo~ {WE LOVE YOU}

I love him!

Today my Popo turns 90 years old!  These photos are a bit old but they are the most recent ones I have (thank you sister for sending them to me!).

I realize while typing this just how important it is to remember to take my camera today and snap away.

Isn't he adorable?  My Popo!  So many memories from my childhood.  Going to his house (in the mountains) having him point to one of the hills and say "Yep, over yonder there is a good tree u-ens can climb"  or getting older and hearing him tell stories about being in the war (one of the only times I've seen him cry, broke my heart).  He has been through and seen a lot in his 90 years.  Lots of good and at this age, unfortunately, also some sad.  We are so blessed to still have him here with us.

This photo makes me want to cry!  For starters seeing my girls with their great Popo warms my heart and then to top it off seeing my girls look so young reminds me just how quickly time goes past.

I remember being their age (in this photo) and him stopping by to give me something from his lunch pail each day after work.  Raisins are what I remember most.

My grandmother passed away when I was a year old and my Popo remarried.  He never gets tired of telling me the story of me pushing her away and saying "It's MY Popo".  In fact I'm sure I'll hear that story again least twice.. (and I will smile and listen with the same love in my heart as he has each time he tells it)


Today the family will gather in your honor.  I can't wait to watch you blow out those birthday candles. 

And eat all the great food that our family OF COURSE will have.

Have a great weekend my e-friends!

Ciao Bellas~
~Mommas Soapbox~


  1. Sounds like a great way to spend the day! Enjoy your family AND some of the food too!

    Happy Birthday Popo!

  2. Be sure and come back with new pictures and stories! How wonderful you've had him so long. Oh and tell me ALLLL about the food you're not eating (snicker) so i can enjoy it vicariously!

  3. Wish I was going to be there!! I miss you and I miss Popo. :-) Give him a hug for me!

    I just posted about his birthay on my blog and I actually found a pic of me and Popo at his 57th birthday... I was 3. :)

  4. Happy belated birthday, Popo!!
    Hope you ALL had a great time!

  5. It was a GREAT party, I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family! and I think I only squatted twice-this family brings so much fun and happiness, I just wish we could gather more often the laughter just warms my heart and what better reason to gather-Happy 90th Birthday Uncle Walt, as we were leaving, I hugged him and he said to me"I am so glad you're here" my response: "No, I am glad YOU are here" he just chuckled and said "I'm not goin anywhere Boot (my nickname), see u'en's at the next gathering" how sweet is that?