Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fireproof your marriage- {The Love Dare}

Have you all seen the movie "Fireproof"????  Hunk and I went to the movies and saw it and then we watched it in our bible study group.  I thought it had some great lessons in it.  But lessons that as the days, weeks and months go past are easy to forget.

Along with the movie is the book "The Love Dare".  We also used this book in our bible study but I never finished the book.  It is a day by day "how to guide" for your marriage and has an area that you can journal about your feelings of that particular day.  It give suggestions on what to concentrate and build on each day.  At the end of the day you write how it went that day.

I was reading back through a few of my notes and some I thought "WOW guess "I" was having a bad day that day"  or "What a jerk he was being that day."  OR "I'm so blessed to have such a sweet husband"..... 

I think we have all felt that way about our spouses from time to time.  In fact I think I personally have felt all of those emotions in the SAME day before.  Is that what they call hormonal?  Whatever......that's a whole other post!

So I'm doing this again! 

Day One Is about love being patient.  Love is OBVIOUSLY so important in a relationship.  We do so many things out of love we have for someone.  It is very motivating.  Love inspires us to be patient but that doesn't always come easily to us.  When our spouse does something that causes us to get mad or hurt it is more difficult to respond with patience.  Today talks about make the choice to be patient.  Make the choice to respond in a positive way if something negative comes your way.  Whenever we are not making a conscious choice to be patient it is so easy to say things we don't mean, overreact to a situation and regret it later. 

Isn't it so much nicer to be around someone who is patient instead of someone who blows up at every little thing?  Takes everything personally?  Just as we feel this way so do our spouses. 

We all make mistakes, we all do things without thinking of the others feelings from time to time. Lets give our spouses room to be human today.  When they make a mistake or say something inconsiderate today lets give them grace, maybe even more grace than they seem to deserve.

The hard part about this is it may just be you doing this, not both of you working on your relationship.  The good part is......even one person can help turn a relationship around.  It's amazing how quickly you can see and feel a difference.

I'm not sharing with Hunk that I am doing this study again.  I'm just going to do it and see what changes I see.  We are not having "issues"  we are not NOT getting along, we are not NOT in love.....but who couldn't stand a little more romance or to be a little closer with their spouse?  And shouldn't we always strive to be a better person?  To be the best person that we can be?

My goal is to be a Proverbs 31 woman.... Not a doormat.....a woman of integrity, loyalty, loving and not lazy.  A woman any man would be proud to call his wife. To sum it up....

This is my goal....

So when your hunny bunny makes you want to grab a frying pan and smack him in the back of the head as he is walking past.......set it on the stove and make him an egg sandwich instead. 

Hunk was wondering what was going on this morning as I was making his breakfast (egg sandwich....ha ha) and handed him a packed lunch (sub sandwich, grapes and cherries for him and my oldest Rugrat) as he walked out the door.  Not that I've never done this but I have to spill just doesn't happen every morning here.....  I'm just saying....

Then I got the rugrats off to school, came home,  poured a cup of coffee, sat down to blog to you and peace was restored in the land of Momma....

Cheers to patience today.

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Great goal! Love ya!

  2. It always helps the passion to keep them on their toes (heh heh)! Love the egg sandwich surprise! Alpha Hubby is always amazed when I'm up to see him out the door (I usually get up when he kisses me goodbye and he takes breakfast to the office that I fixed night before) - so I'm striving to do that more often so it quits throwing him off balance (ho). This was a good post - can't wait to see more - share this journey!

  3. Love you too Mom!

    Nan- I would like to announce that I have made breakfast and packed everyone's lunch every day this week! Funny thing is that I'm really enjoying doing it for everyone. Even my high school Rugrat wanted me to start packing him a sub sandwich instead of waiting in line for school food. I'm feeling so domestic...Watch out Martha Stewart... ha ha

  4. I'm spoilt - DH makes lunch for me (bacon & egg sandwich today, yum!) while I make the lunches for the girls.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog - it was nice to meet you!

  5. You lucky girl! I made haand egg sandwich for their breakfast today.....My son LOVES bacon but ham was easier... (I just admitted

    What a great hubby you have! I can tell you already know that though! (Which is probably why he enjoys doing things for you.)

    It was great meeting you too!

  6. Great movie!!
    Didn't know there was a book that goes along with the movie.
    I used to make my hubby's lunch every morning. Then we started working different hours and then he started working crazy hours. I wasn't getting up at 2 am to make lunch. He was lucky if I could wake up enough to tell him "Have a good day".
    But I do other things to let him know he's loved. Like make sweet tea EVERY DAY.

  7. Twisted- YES I love the book! I bet he loves that you make him sweet tea every day. I sooo would NOT get up at 2am to make lunch. I think you hit it sspot on. We do things to let them know they are loved. It doesn't have to be breakfast or lunch, it just needs to be SOMETHING.

    I think I need to do a giveaway of the book and movie. It's just that good!