Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fashion Show's for Cats? YOU BET.

Fashion shows for cats?  You betcha!  At least when you have Rugrat daughters and a cat who is grounded to the house for a couple days.

We had some tractor work done and they asked Hunk if we had any dogs that would be an issue with bringing their dog.  Hunk told them no, because as many of you know while the rugrats and I were in Maui out lab Nestlie (of about 14 years) passed away.  Hunk waited to tell us until we got home because he knew it would be hard news to take. (And our dog Buck ran away one too many times and we never found him)

Here is our Nestlie:

Don't you love her nails?  My sweet girl.  We love and miss you Nestlie.  RIP precious animals of past

Soooooooo.  Hunk told him we didn't have any dogs.  What none of us thought about is our CAT (which we only have ONE cat left).  I guess his dog has never seen a cat but has chased plenty of squirrels in his day.  You can guess where this is going.  It started with a chase under a vehicle, and older man chasing his dog with a stick and slipping and falling (feeling more embarrassed than hurt), then turned to our cat trying to climb out sliding glass door, lots and lots of screaming and just when it looked as though our kitty's life would be coming to an end he shot out and made it to a tree before the dog got him.  He stayed up there for hours...

Since the tractor work has gone on for two days the cat has found a new home inside.  Only one poop accident on the carpet, I am have been impressed!

So my daughters just showed me these photos and I had to share with you. 

Welcome to the Kitty fashion show......  My daughter is helping with this post as she would like to leave the remarks about the clothing. (smile)


New from Calvin Kline, plaid is back in with this sexy look.

Come to the lake in your summer outfit.  Notice how the green bring out his eyes and the holes in this outfit allow for cooling.

Take this fashionable hat!  It has storage for all your cat nip needs.

Check out this vibrant bow?  Huhhhhhh ladies? 

Going to work at the office boys?  I would highly suggest this I love Sugar Pine Christian Camp tie.  It's the perfect accent to any outfit.

Don't you wish your tie was hot like mine?  Dontcha? .... Dontcha? 

For the cold winter days try this new fashionable coat.

Check out this choker for the ladies....

One free baseball with any purchase.... (Momma here.....did you notice he is rubbing his eyes.... I'm sorry Kitty)

A night out on the town?  Not a problem with this awesome sheer coat


The ribbons on this coat make a nice accent to this baby blue color.

Thank you for watching my fashion show.  My cat appreciates your support.

Did you like it?

Signed, Momma's Rugrat


  1. I loved the fashion show. Too cute for words.

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  3. Steph~ You are too funny! That cat looks like ours! So sorry about sweet Nestlie...just thinkin of ya and wanted to say hi, Love ya! Tam :)

  4. The cat is soooo calm and understanding - you can see it in his eyes! I mean, PINK sheer on a masculine male? What a great cat this is (hoho). Loved the talent show - you have great talent - keep it up!

  5. Gaga- She had a blast doing it.
    Tammy- Thanks about Nestlie. Love you too!
    Nan- He is the sweetest cat. Actually listens when we say no, never had a cat do that before. HA HA