Friday, August 20, 2010

MAD tv - Bon Qui Qui at King Burger SO FUNNY

As many of you know by now we are avid movie watchers.  We remember lines from movies we love and we repeat them until everyone around us either joins in or runs and hides.

Well, a friend showed me this video from Mad TV and it has become one of the new family favorites.  Anytime someone slightly irritates one of us we will say "Girl I will CUT him".  You may have seen me say something like "I will go Bon Qui Qui on them". 

We did have to tone it down in Maui when my nephew said "Auntie, I would cut him" in the best Bon Qui Qui interpretation to date.  He was laughing and didn't really understand the "meaning" behind it and we didn't think that was such a great thing.  So we explained that it wasn't a good idea and Auntie and Mommy stopped saying it (around my nephew anyway)....

Put on your depends and grab a tissue in case you have the same reaction to this as my family and friends have.

Friendly reminder: Don't forget to go down on the right hand side of my screen and pause my music.

Isn't there a little Bon Qui Qui waiting to break out in all of us from time to time?

Enjoy your Friday!

Ciao Bellas~


  1. I absolutely love this!

  2. OK, Bon Qui Qui is just NUTS and like so many sales people in fast food places (ho - well except for the dirty dancing in the end) - just attitude! You have a very warped sense of humor!!

  3. Nan, Yep I do. (smile) It's just another day at Buger King in California... KIDDING.