Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Don't ya just hate it when you feel overwhelmed??......  Which way is up?  How will I get it all done?

It gives a whole knew meaning to "my cup runneth over"....  My plate runneth over maybe?

College applications- Where to apply, where else to visit, what to write on the essay, what scholarships to apply for, how much is each college going to cost, letters of recommendations.... SAT testing, SAT subject testing, ACT testing........  now add wrestling practice started.....hydration testing on the same day as the SAT, University Day 5 hours away the next two days......

AND (because I have other children)

Dance practice 3 to 7 Monday thru Thursday this week, Dance performance during the day Friday (until 2:30), guitar 3:00 to 3:30, return for 2nd performance at 5:00, show at 7:00pm.

Did I mention I will miss Bible Study AGAIN this Friday.  Now OF COURSE I am excited to see my daughter and her b-e-a-utiful friends dance, it's just that every Friday I've been sick or we have had something going on......  I miss my friends at bible study......I miss studying the bible with my friends..... 

I know this is a very busy season in my life.  I also know I will miss this later.  I KNOW this because I also have an older son who has already moved into his own home and is engaged to be married next year.  I miss taking him to soccer or football practice.  I miss watching his school performances.  I picking him up from the bus stop and hearing all the school stories......or taking him to guitar lessons.

I have to keep reminding myself of this when I feel like "it's all too much".....

And honestly if I just had THESE THINGS to do, It would be much easier... but I also am running an office..... AND on top of that Hunk has been gone for the last 1.5 weeks which puts more on my plate when it comes to customers, employee's, etc.  Thank the Lord our foreman is back!  He has been soooooooooooo much help!  Wow, have me missed him. (many of you may remember our awful auto accident he was in.....makes me so sad)....  We are such a small company that it really becomes like family and we care and love our employees.  Anyway, sooooo glad he is back and doing well!

Wow, I feel so much better just getting that out!  Love you guys!

I better get a move on, need to get these Rugrats on task AND ME.

Take my youngest to the bus stop.
Take my other daughter to Orthodontist appt at 7:30 to meet my future daughter in she can wait with her there until 7:50 (appt. time) so I can leave and head to a Cal Osha business training seminar....  that ends at noon.
Hit AAA DMV Department for some tags and if any way possible get my oil changed and in a perfect world also do the banking (I have about 1 hour to do this in)
Head up the hill to pick up kids for early release, get them and go directly to dance practice.
Come back and get youngest started on homework and me on all the office stuff I missed while gone.
Pick up my other daughter at 7pm......
(as I'm typing my son brought me a wad of paper to fill out for wrestling and a physical I need to schedule either 2nd period or 5th period)

Ya know.....all this is go go go go go.......and I get overwhelmed but I wouldn't trade my life.  I can't imagine not having 4 children.  I can't imagine not being involved so heavily in all the things that they do. 

I miss my "friend time", I miss my "free time" and I don't get it all done.  My plate does runneth over....... BUT make my mistake, though sometimes it's hard to see,  my cup definitely runneth over.

Hug a mom today.....(just watch out for the peanut butter and jelly that is probably on the back of her shirt (left there from the hands of the little rugrat of hers that hugged her before you).....

Enjoy your stop reading and get out your know the one you made so you would stay on task and not forget to do anything that needs to be done.....If I could only find mine on this desk. (smile)

Ciao Bellas~