Monday, August 16, 2010

IN CASE YOU NEED A LAUGH TODAY {laugh at my expense}

My rugrats started back to school today.  It was a bit emotional for me for some reason.

I think because:

He's a senior......and even while on the top of a mountain overlooking the island of Maui he is TEXTING his friends.  He is growing up before my very eyes and in one year we will be sending him off to college.

AND because of this:

She started 7th grade today and I took this FUZZY picture in the car on the way to school (no worries I was stopped in line when I took it......and look at the line of cars behind us!)

AND because of this:

My baby.  My baby started 6th grade today.  Sniff....Sniff.....

AND this didn't help:

My little nephew started Kindergarten today.  I wish I could have been there.  He lives in Colorado and since I'm in California and it was my Rugrats first day back to school I couldn't go to I missed it.....

BUT I'm determined to keep my Aloha.  I started to lose it today with all that was going on with who got what class with who and why and AHHHHHH....I kept trying to take it back down a notch and find the Aloha (and lots of prayer for peace about a few things)  And in the end it worked! 

And in order to bring a little of my ALOHA to you I am going to throw myself right under the bus JUST TO GIVE YOU A LAUGH..

Any of you who have been to Maui, or the beach in general know that waves can be VERY strong.  So below you can watch a video of one such wave tossing me onto the shore line and as I get up and try to jump back out into it (the rugrats were doing this and it was keeping them from getting tossed back up on the shore......not so lucky for me) the wave came rushing in and pushed me right back up.  It was sort of fun...but sand in places that sand should NEVER ever ever ever be.  Not ever..  Not even....well, not even EVER...  Can't think of one time when it would be a good idea to have sand places I did.  I would like to say I am thankful that I didn't lose my swim top, though it did try.

Keep in mind that every time I see me being tossed around I'm thinking BEACHED WHALE....... so you know I love you to share this....

Laugh at my expense..... I'm used to it. LOL

OH and a special thank you to my sister.  You can hear how sympathetic she was while she was filming it happen.  She felt so sorry for me and threw the camera down and tried to come to my rescue.  I am so thankful to her for that.

Oh and in case you can't see it clearly..... I'm the one on the right and at the end I just dig my feet in and try to hold on to the sand....

One more thing, I apologize to everyone on the beach that day, I'm sure they saw one more butt cheek than they planned to see that day.

Keeping it real here on my Soapbox.....even when it means tossin' myself under the bus......or just rolling around on a beach.....

Wishing you and your Rugrats a great school year!

Love and Hugs...

Ciao Bellas~


  1. That was HYSTERICAL! I remember when that happened to Alpha Hubby and me at North Padre Island - we got to laughing so hard, we couldn't stand up long enough before another wave knocked us down - I almost drowned laughing! I like how you laughed at yourself and yeah, I saw how quickly your sis came to rescue you!! Thank your for exposing... err, sharing with us today! heh heh - my day is complete.

  2. I'm telling you that was was soooooooo huge! This video does not do it justice. It even knocked my 17 year old son down. I talked to my friend on the phone as she watched the video and she was laughing so hard she could hardly talk. Then she wanted me to know that she was going to watch it again when we hung up and laugh some more. I have the best BFFs. LOL

    And Yes my little sis just ran to help me. She couldn't even speak in complete sentences because of her laughter.

    Sorry but I would have liked to have seen you and your Alpha Hubby rolling in the waves. No video? Or just none you will share???

    Thanks for the comment, even if it was laughing at me! (smile)