Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maui, HI~ Day 8

This is for my cousin.  She asked that we "shimmy" up a tree and pick her a coconut while we are here.  I have to admit the thought of my rear doing a "shimmy" up anything is enough to make even the locals stop and stare but I just haven't drank enough been brave enough to try it.  So here is a photo dear loving cousin... a photo of the coconuts I did NOT pick for you but I still call yours.  I love you, please don't make me "shimmy".

Ten years ago my sister stood here and got "Mauied".

Ten years ago I went snorkeling here.  I also chased little ones around the beach.....oh and I OF COURSE got burnt.  That is my signature move...trying to be a Sun Goddess.....and resembling a tomato instead..... gotta luv being a white girl..... Grrrr

I remember one time I was at the beach with a couple friends and these guys were talking to us. (Hunk and I were on a Rachelle and Ross on "Friends") Anyway.....the guys were saying they were from Colorado and asked where we were from.  I said "We are from here, California"  They said "Oh, I thought all California girls were really tan".  EXCUSE YOU MR. COLORADO!  I was probably the most tan I had ever been that year.  I was crushed.  Well, not crushed really.....more annoyed.  

My brother in law standing on the spot.... the "I DO" location.  Whatcha thinkin' brother?  I know....about the best decision of your life taking place right there...  The day..... the special day that you were officially MY BROTHER from another mother.

My pretty girl....

Right after this picture was taken a HUGE wave came and knocked them all in the ocean........

Okay, not really.....but that would sooooo be something that would happen to ME.

This special trip to see what has changed in the last 10 years since my little Sis got married here was witnessed by me the same way you are seeing it........through these pictures.  I didn't go with them on this trip today.  Hunk and I were back at the condo working...working....working.....working.  Hunk, my oldest Rugrat and his fiance are going home this evening......So Hunk and I had to get some work done before he left.  I am very grateful for the mobile office that we brought with us and am doing my best to not complain.  How can I complain?  I'm working in Maui.  It really isn't that terrible.  And we have to pay for this trip somehow!  And the photos are great!  I almost feel like I went.  Don't ya think?


Sniff.....Sniff..... Aloha Hunk and oldest Rugrats...


  1. Awww - I LOVE romance and them stopping by the place where a wedding took place. Great pix of the bench! I ABSOLUTELY 100 PERCENT LOVE YOUR NEW PICTURE! You're still looking up but glowing and shiny! Love all the blue water pix and was so glad a wave didn't dump your family in the ocean!! Aloha Momma! I miss you but sure am enjoying your vacation!!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my coconuts!!!! and I loved my trip to Maui through your eyes/pics, thanks for the GREAT vacation!! love ya cous.

  3. Oh, that does stink... but at least you got 8 days together in paradise!!!

  4. Hi Stephanie, Wow -- Hawaii! I've enjoyed popping in and seeing and hearing about your trip. And congrats on the upcoming wedding! That's what I've been busy with this summer -- our daughter got married in July. Fun times ahead for you!