Sunday, July 18, 2010

Maui, Hawaii... Day 3

Day 3 we started at the beach. Here is our youngest Rugrat before jumping in and snorkeling. OF COURSE we forgot all the snorkel/beach stuff so when our son said he wanted to go back to the condo to change into his swim trunks we quickly "text" him a list. What did we do before cell phones and texting? It is so convenient but truth be told sometimes it does take away from being able to relax.

In this case it was helpful!

Two snorkel girls. My oldest Rugrat daughter and my oldest Rugrat son's girlfriend.
The water is so warm it is nice and we saw some pretty fish and an eel.

Here are my two Rugrat sons. I love them so much! We are eating lunch and Hula Grill. As you can see it is VERY casual. We sat in "The Sand Bar". It is my favorite place to eat here (for casual dining). There is usually one to two people who are playing/singing Hawaiian music and the tables are in the sand, so you can kick your shoes off and relax (and bury) your feet in the sand. They also have great Mai Tai's. Did I mention happy hour is from 3-5?

Just realized I sound like a LUSH! Truth is I don't drink very often at all but the fresh fruit juice in the Mai Tai and the pineapple slice is just hard to beat.

There is the kids table.... We couldn't all fit at one table in the sandbar so they sat us next to each other at two tables.

At the end of the day the kids and myself ended up in my and Hunk's bedroom talking about all the fun things we have done so far and all the fun things we plan to do. As you can see I had my PJ's on and am in need of a pedicure in the worst way.
By the way......Pedicure is high on the list of things I plan to's right next to massage.

Of course, just like every morning begins with coffee on the lanai, every night ends sitting out here and watching the sunset on the ocean.

Many of my photos have been from my cell phone, so they aren't good quality but I will start using my "real" camera more. I get in the habit of not taking it with me because I'm here with my sister who is a professional photographer so I plan to get copies of all her photos after she edits them.

If she could just edit them enough so that I have arms instead of larms........oh and ONE chin would be much appreciated too. I know she can't edit THAT much of the photo.......but I'm just sayin' would be appreciated if she could figure that out......

Or I could keep on my diet train (which by the way is very very hard to do here) and eventually my larms will become arms and my 1 1/2 (okay TWO) chins would become one...... Editing seems so much easier......

Again...... I'm just sayin'.....

Aloha Day 3.



  1. Looks like you are having way too much fun! Ouch on the knee......
    Have a Mai Tai for me and a Lava Flow too!

  2. A whole month.........amazing!!
    Loving the day by day recaps!

  3. You like the "fresh fruit juice in the Mai Tai and the pineapple slice" - yeah, unh huh. suuure you do... (snicker)! I like sharing your vacation with you. The beach pix are great - water beautiful! Kids beautiful too, all of 'em!