Tuesday, September 7, 2010


When you marry a cowboy, you are bound to have a son who has cowboy ways about him....
Yes, because I am a spazo-momma, even this little mechanical bull freaked me out.  I wanted to jump up and tell my son to get off of that thing RIGHT NOW.....

I couldn't.  Because I wasn't there when he was doing it.  But I did see the photo via text and I immediately (as fast as my fingers could type) demanded he get off of the bull.  To which my future daughter in law trying to talk me off of the ledge  replied with "Don't worry, it's not real".  And thank you CAPTAIN OBVIOUS because I thought it was a bull with no legs. (sorry future daughter in law I still love you)

And since he is a cowboy and some days he is a surfer then he also sometimes hangs out with "cowboy friends"  And when you hang out with cowboy friends you often go fun places together.  And when that fun place happens to be at the water park.....  Well, you are bound to have one of them do this......

My son's friend who apparently doesn't own a pair of flip flops.

Funny thing is that I've heard stories from Hunk about his Daddy (who was also a cowboy) going to the beach on a family vacation in his shorts and cowboy boots.  They also lived in the country so often times he got the mail in his underwear and boots, BUT I WON'T SHARE THAT LITTLE FAMILY SECRET. That would be rude.

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Ciao Bellas~


  1. Oh I love this:) Proves to me that once a Mama, always a Mama!

  2. STEPHANIE!!! That was awful, you making me snort my water then shoot it out my nose onto my keyboard. Family secrets are the best! I won't tell about Alpha Hubby seeing hookers while we've been in Vegas - it's too funny.

  3. Oh and p.s. and BTW = love the pix of Senior Rugrat taking on the legless bull. I didn't know they had those; I'm gonna ask Alpha Hubby for some right away/

  4. Modern Mom- It's soooooo true. He will be 50 years old, with rugrats of his own and I will worry about him! He is over 6' tall and I love to cuddle him up (HA) on my lap and luv on him. He will always be my baby. I just call him a "Big Ol' Baby or. LUG... He still loves hugs from his Momma....and I love that!

  5. LBD- gotta luv the water up the nose and out onto the keyboard snort. ha ha.....Silly girl. Please if Alpha Hubby buys one for you just do me a favor a post a photo of YOU on it.... I will have my water, nose and keyboard ready. (smile)