Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This is part of an on-going series LBDDiaries and I are doing on keeping our Inner Aloha/Peaceful Life. 

Is this what you look like when you openeth your mouth?

"She opens her mouth with wisdom and on her tongue is the law of kindness." Proverbs 31:26

This was what the topic was based on when listening to Beth Moore on Saturday.  She gave a couple reasons why she felt like this would be a good topic for all of us women.

  • A.  Because we live in a mean world.
She made it clear that she meant mean not hard.  Pointing out if we haven't come across mean people in the last two weeks that we just plain aren't getting out enough.  Hand gestures are given while driving, people cutting in line.  It's everywhere..
Another reason.
  • B.  Because "She openeth her mouth"
This we know.  But this also made me laugh.  I felt like a spot light was shining on me in the crowd when she said this.  She might as well have said I'm speaking on this topic "Because STEPHANIE  openeth her mouth"

This doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that us women will open our mouths.  Maybe some of us just need to work on not putting our foot in it as often. 

I definitely got the gift of gab.  I love to visit with friends, I love to laugh and I love to talk.  Not that there is anything wrong with this.  Oddly enough when there are a lot of people around, even people I know well, I tend to feel a bit shy, but one on one in line at the store with a total stranger and I can tell you what color panties they are wearing by the time I leave the store.

Ok, maybe not the color but at least where they go to buy them. You get the idea.... I openeth my mouth....a lot.

Beth went on to talk about how men use approx. 7,000 words a day while women use approx. 20,000 words a day.  I don't know if these numbers are correct but it wouldn't shock me if they were.  Sometimes while Hunk and I are talking I am also carrying on a conversation in my head that usually is along the lines of "He's just sitting there looking at me, I wish he would open up more, it's like I'm doing most of the talking...Ok, it's not like I'm doing most of the talking..I AM doing most of the talking....SHUT YOUR MOUTH STEPHANIE so he can open up and do some talking"  Seriously, sometimes I hardly come up for air.  I'm so excited about something it's like I'm talking in warp speed.

Again this isn't always a bad thing but if we are doing a lot of talking and it isn't kindness rolling off of our tongue it's definitely not a good thing.

Beth then began to talk about how Jesus was raised from the grave.  She asked, WHO did Jesus show himself to first?  The answer:  THE WOMEN.....  Why?  Because he wanted to get the word out!

She had many one liners and really was a hoot.

She spoke about how us women (mothers, aunts, sisters) are all teachers.  We are teachers by examples.  This is so true.  How many times have you heard "Children learn what they live?" 

Do I really want my child to live "A chatty Cathy doll for a mom?"  Pull the string over and over and sometimes it's like I'm talking to just to make noise.  They have stopped listening after the 3rd time of me telling them WHY I'm telling them what I'm telling them.

Shoot..I talk to myself when nobody is home!  I talk to myself when people ARE home.  Not like I'm a nut job but when I'm working on something I have a habit of talking OUT LOUD to myself about my next step.  If I counted how many times I say "Okay" to myself during the day I may have used up my 20,000 words on that word alone.

She also spoke about being careful with our words. That we have a responsibility with our voice.  There are things we can say or may have already said to our children that they won't forget.  Ten years from now they will be writing in to the Dr. Phil show about us.

But I do agree that we have a responsibility with our voice not only with our children but when we are making our voice published.  Not as in an Author of a best seller but as in text messages, emails and blogs.  Things that can be forwarded and seen by so many people. 

My goal is to publish things that lift people up.  Publish things that help others.  Publish things that cause other to stop and think.  If I write a post that can touch just one person and make a positive difference in their lives I will have a smile so wide the white from my teeth would shine brighter than the moon.

I am taking to heart what I learned this weekend.  What is great is whether you are a Christian or not wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone "Opened their mouths with wisdom and on their tongues was the law of kindness?"

I decided I'm going to do at least one act of kindness each day this week and see how much better I feel.

Saturday after leaving "Living Proof Live" I went to Costco and bought groceries.  I bought extra for my son and I also purchased him a microwave and took it over to his home.

Sunday I let my daughter go shopping with a couple friends and I gave her money to buy a new dress for the upcoming dance and for a pair of boots she has been wanting.

Today my act of kindness started out being a gift (TV stand) for my son (his roommate just moved out and he is in need of some items) but on my way home someone rear-ended me and it only left a small dent in my bumper (their headlight was completely busted out) they didn't appear to be very financially set from what I could tell and were very nice.  I told them not to worry about it, that it was a small dent and I would take care of it.

Every act doesn't have to be an expense to the checking account and in fact I think some of the best gifts don't cost anything. 

Just try to think of something each day, try to think of a kind word you can say to someone.  You never know how much your kindness will touch them.

Be sure to let me know what act you chose to do today.

Together we can make a difference.

Ciao Bellas~


  1. "Dear Lord, please keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth." That's my daily prayer so that I don't say stupid things. I'm a talker like you are and my parents used to tell me to "take a breath." So this is a great post Stephanie! So much truth in every word you said. :)

  2. Love, love, love the new header. Too cute. And yes we do tend to talk a mile a minute don't we. I love the one act of kindness a day. Just imagine how that could grow and grow. What a changed world it would be. :)

  3. Melbatoast- HA HA... I must admit I've heard "take a breath" before....I come by it honestly. My PoPo who just turned 90 can never met a stranger and he can out talk anyone 1/3 of his age. In fact I'm not sure he has noticed his hearing is going, it just allows him to keep talking, even when others are talking to him! LOL Love you PoPo.

  4. MidRae- THANK YOU! I'm really excited about m new header. I'm still contiuning to work on upgrading my blog but I was so excited about my header being finished that I just had to get it up instead of re-doing everything at once. Thank you to my friend Natalie for drawing and painting my header for me and thank you to my little Sis for putting it up on my blog for me!

    You are so spot on about the acts of kindness. I really believe that together we can make a change. (((((HUGS))))

  5. What a great recap of her teaching AND your personal touch is what made it come alive! Such great points. I can install a zipper on my lips, but then I'd still be able to unzip to chat. Guess it will take a Holy Hand across the mouth (smile). Most excellent posting!!!

  6. Beth Moore is the best! She doesn't tell you anything that she hasn't experience herself! Let's keep moving forward in our faith and you shall receive blessings!

  7. My mom who lives in South Africa, would love to hear this message. Is it available on DVD yet?