Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lake View or Moose View? Home on the Range......

The kids just rushed out the door with my "hunk of burning love" to the bus stop and I'm trying to pretend I didn't just have an hour and a half's worth of morning chaos, but rather have been relaxing in my pj's (well I do still have them on actually) and sipping my coffee as I look out the window at the peaceful land that surrounds me...... But we all know with 4 children, it was the morning chaos, the quickly throwing of food in lunch bags, the toasting of bagels.. The where are your shoes? Where is your backpack? Do you have all your homework? Do you have your soccer cra*...... I mean stuff?

But it's over (for this morning) they are off....... ahhhhhhhhh Peace is restored in the land.

My two choices this morning......... Look out the window at this

ahhhhhhhhhhhh........... it's so relaxing, I can feel the stress melting, just dripping off of me (as my body screams please let the fat melt away with you!!)

OR I can look up above the window at this....

" I'm so sorry Mr. Moose." I have said that to him hundreds of times. Of course it is usually followed up with "But you did make the best Mooseghetti (as my kids call it) ever! Your meat has provided many a-meals for our family" But before the big truck delivered him to my door, I didn't have to look at him and tell him! I could just pretend it was The Moose Fairy who delivered all this wonderful meat.... Gone is that dream. Oh my "Great White Hunter" aka "Hunk of Burning Love" does love to hunt. If it moves and he would be willing to eat it.... well, lets just say, it's probably in our freezer.
That being said, being tucked back in here surrounded by this peaceful land we enjoy watching the deer swim across the lake (or walk up and eat our plants) the Coyotes howling loudly as they run if they are letting our dogs know to stay on their toes..... Or the Eagle soaring overhead, The owl Screeching at night, the BIG crows walking up on our front patio as if they own the place.... Where are those dogs I mentioned? Well, lets just say, they are getting older and have decided to let some things slide, like cows ploppin poop in my front yard and eating my plants.... down to crows walking around on the patio. Don't get my wrong as soon as they realize I am watching they jump up and go in to attack mode, but if I peek out, I can see them lounging and not givin' a rip what roams our yard or eats my plants.
Although our first week here when they ignored the BEAR in the backyard, I understood that, in fact I was RELIEVED they didn't try to put on the protector mode bark, they just acted as if there was nothing there. What Bear? A Bear? I don't see ANYTHING? In fact.. Wow, I didn't realize it until just now but I had such a late night, protecting the property and all, I didn't get a wink of sleep......ahhhhhh, you seem to have this handled I'll just head to the front and take a nap, make sure those crows aren't poopin on the concrete for ya.... YA THANKS you huntin' dogs.. But really thanks, I can't imagine my two dogs takin' on a bear and me going OH MY, where did my husband move me to?!? I actually did ask that question, oh and not just to myself. Lets just say I was on the back step with the phone to my ear calling my husband and asking "Ok, where the H-E- (double hockey sticks) did you move me to? BEARS? REALLY?" I can suck it up and watch out for the snake, the bobcats, the coyotes. I can put up with cow patties on my sandy beach....I love watching the deer, the ducks, The Eagle flying overhead... But BEARS..... No, no I don't think......ummmmmm...... noooooooooooo not so much!
Although another personal favorite of mine is the Mountain Lion... I'm thinkin' he's not my best friend either. Could be wrong (it does happen, imagine wrong.... Shhhh Don't tell my Hunk of Burning Love that..... I try not to admit it to him very often)
But did I mention that I love living in the middle of what seems to be NOWHERE? I do, I really do, yep.....I do. Honestly!? Don't ya believe me? sighhhhhhh I do! I may not love the two locked gates i have to get my hiney out and open each and every time I want to leave my house (or enter it), I may not love the dirt that goes flying up in the air and all over my car as I head down the long dirt road to get to my house... OKAY, so if I drove slower it wouldn't be so bad.... but I'm in a hurry.... pretty much all the time.... and when you are in a hurry and dirt is flying and you have to stop to open a gate....... here is a BIG TIP (I learned quickly..well kinda quickly) you wait a few minutes before opening your car door. Why you ask? Oh dear friend....... because the massive amount of dust that you have caused to fly in the air while you drove 500 miles an hour down that dirt road......well lets just say SHE IS A COMIN'..... She won't stop because you opened your car door and got out. Nope she blows on by you and well, all in your car too. That open door is an invitation to come in and fly around for awhile. So just sit.......wait for the dust to fly on past and of course land all over your car... and then get out to open the gate. Why did it take me a few times to get this one into my head? Well, let's just not go there this morning. sighhhhh

Home, Home on the range, where the moose hangs on your wall each day...... where often is heard a squawking litte turd whose fighting with her sister (or brothers) today! Ohhhhhhhh Hommmmmmmmmmme, Home on the range...... OKAY woooohhhhhhhh sorry, SNAP, I'm BACK.
And I'm leaving this range today to go meet up with some friends for a massage and lunch. Now that is a reason to sigh. Oh I think I'll do that again...Sighhhhhhhhh
Well, Mr. Moose is staring me down, my coffee is getting cold and my dogs have decided to bark at something and aren't stopping....... my Cue to come check out what they have found and are protecting me from... (probably a frog!)

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