Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Popo's 91st Birthday

Isn't he the sweetest thing you have ever seen?  My little Popo...  NINTY ONE YEARS OLD...  He has experienced so much in his life time.  And what is his favorite thing to talk about when he sees me?  How I used to push people away from him and say "This is MY Popo...NOT YOURS" when I was little...  Or how he saved me something in his lunch box each day and stopped by to give it to me....usually raisins...  I love my Popo.....and Yes, he is my Popo NOT YOURS.....but I still thought you would enjoy seeing pictures of our fun day celebrating his birthday!

I love you PoPo.  So many fun memories...  Loved when he would would be at his house and he would point something out and said "Well, now, it's way over yonder".....

MY MOMMA with her Daddy...

My cousin Kimbo with her Popo.... (Yes, he is hers too, I learned to share)....

My Aunt Bev (Kimbo's Mamma) and her Daddy... Popo's eyes are closed but in his defense I was having a line up of people to take photos... and he LOVED every minute of it.

My Aunt Connie and her Daddy... Eyes closed again (sorry Popo)...
My Cousin Kelli and her Papa....(If she calls him Papa and I call him Popo does that still mean I can tell her "He's MY Popo, not yours?"....  Kidding.... I really can share... ) Oh and my cousin Kelli is excited to add another baby to the family!

That's ME and MY POPO------- NOT YOURS... (smile)


  1. Thank you!!! He really is such a sweetheart. He drives himself all around and is doing so good for his age. It still "stings" to see him getting "old" but I'm so grateful that he is doing so good! I can only pray I'll be doing that great when I'm in my 90's!

  2. Wow he sure is a young looking 91 year old - we should all look so good when we get there! Happy Birthday Steph's popo, not mine!!! And yeah Steph, you and I will still be wild women when we're in our 90's! We are going to be GREAT 90-year-olds!!

  3. LBD- Doesn't he look great??? He gets around and visits everyone.. He still likes to go hunting!! (worries me a tad..or a lot)... But he is doing so good.

    Ya we are going to Rock 90.... May be in a rocking chair..may not... but either way we will rock it! HA HA