Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Rugrat moves to college

We are at the hotel and getting ready to take him to move into his dorm...  He humors me with a photo....Yes, son, you really do have to stand there and let me take this photo... I'll be gone in 2 days, suck it up..

Hunk and my rugrat!  They are tired of my photo taking already.  Hunk kept saying "this is a photo of the last time we stood together at the door of the hotel before you moved to Biola"...

My Rugrats dorm!  Sniff....Sniff......Hooray!

I thought these balloons were so cool.....  It doesn't take much to excite me. LOL

Hunk walking towards the middle of campus.....  Snap....Snap...  Where is my rugrat you ask? Oh, he is in his dorm ditching me getting unpacked and bonding with his roommates...

This is "The Caf"....  I must admit they have awesome food!  It is run by Bon Appetit...  Sooo good.  "The Caf" alone is reason enough for me to visit.  =)

And they are still making fun of me, with the sad face.... YES I'M STRUGGLING HERE LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT.... Boys don't get us girls do they?

Ok, now a smile.... Thank you very much!

I ask them to pretend like they like each other and this is what they give me....  I'll take it though..

And then they give me this....  You know they wanted to do it anyway but had to be manly about it and act like it's because I insisted on a photo with affection....

My turn.....I don't want to say goodbye...

Give your Momma a kiss rugrat!!!

Fine then.... I'll just TAKE ONE....

He's been at Biola University for about a month now and he is absolutely having the time of his life.  He has made some great friends and is enjoying his independence.  He really likes all of his professors and says that they make class very interesting.  They are so passionate about what they are teaching that it makes you want to learn it too.  He's already had a few papers to write and lots of reading but he's enjoying it all.

He's gone off campus with friends a few times to Orange County's Labor Day weekend Festival in Irvine and to friends homes, who live nearby.

Though I'm having a hard time adjusting to him not being here in our home everyday it does make it easier knowing that he is loving it so much.

OH AND he had two dates in one night!  Sound like a player at this Christian University?  It's not as it sounds.... I was proud of him....  A girl came up to him as he was walking to "The Caf" for dinner and she mentioned that she thought she was probably going to have to eat alone... (He says to me as he is telling the story.."I wasn't sure if that was a hint or not".... YOU THINK SON!) So he asked if she wanted to eat with him and she said yes....  As he leaves "The Caf" and heads for his dorm another girl (who he knew) stopped him and asked if he would eat dinner with her because she didn't want to eat alone....

Momma:  Did you go with her to?
Rugrat:  Yeah, ....laughs
Momma:  Are you serious!?  You ATE AGAIN?
Rugrat:  NO, I didn't EAT again, I just went back in and sat with her while she ate..
Momma:  Did you have to pay again to go back in "The Caf"?
Rugrat:  No, they do the honor system and hold your id and trust that you won't eat when you say you aren't going to eat and then gave me my id back when I left.
Momma:  Wow, TRUST ....HONOR SYSTEM...  I knew I loved that school.

So, my rugrat is having the time of my life..... Making new friends.... playing Volleyball, Ping Pong and Basketball....  (which he NEVER PLAYS....he is a wrestler and that's always been the extent of it)....  I'm so proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone and joining in with his new friends.  I asked if he was enjoying Volleyball and he said "Ya, it's fun....I suck at it.... Let's just say when the ball comes to me, the game starts over......but it's a lot of fun, and everyone just laughs"

When I hear stories like these of all the fun he is having, it's hard to wish he was home.  Instead I miss him but I'm so grateful that he is having the time of his life and making memories that will last a life time and getting an great education at the same time.

Am I the only one with all these emotions when it's time to cut the apron strings?

~Ciao Bellas~

P.S.  I held it together when I said goodbye.  He kept looking me hard in the eyes trying to catch a glimpse of tears.  I held them back...  I said goodbye and I loved him and I walked to get in the car leaving Hunk there to say his goodbyes.  As soon as I sat in the seat and the door closed I burst into an unctrollable sob...  Honestly it made the "ugly cry" a beautiful sound..  It was from the gut.  A cry that had so much held in emotion...  The cry that says "I'm letting go".  I've raised him to grow up and be a man of integrity and honor and to make it on his own. ..... Now is that time and I have to let go and trust the parenting we did and trust that God will watch over him and trust him...  It was a cry of happiness for him and a cry of a baby being pulled out of his mothers arms....only I had to "let go"... 

It's been a mixed emotions "momma" year for me.... My oldest Rugrat getting married and my 2nd oldest rugrat flying the coop for college...  I have an awesome relationship with my boys and no matter where they are they know they can call their Momma and I will be there for them.....and what is even more awesome than that.....Is that I know that no matter where I am....I can call them and they will be there for ME... 

I've raised men of integrity.... I couldn't be more proud of either of them.  Though they have been tearful times in my life I'm so blessed to be here and see them happen.  When I was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago, I never thought I'd be here to see either of these days. 

BLESSED....that is what I am....I love you "Gooser" and "Baby Brother".....


  1. OMG! I'm crying for you! My oldest leaves next year and I will be a mess. Trust me, you are not alone!

  2. LOL.... Oh I feel your pain. Senior year is such a fun time for them....and it's exciting for us "for them" but throughout the year you start realizing that college is coming soon and all these years you've been raising them for this day....and BAM it's here.

    I'll be crying for you next year....and most likely for me as I have to say goodbye again at the end of summer... Although I've heard you get so used to it that when they come back on vacations you are ready to ship their butt's back out that door by the time it's time for them to go back. I'm not there yet.....Can't imagine it... but time will tell!

    Enjoy your Senior year.... And I'm sooooo here for you when you need it! (((hugs)))

  3. Awww - this was so good. Brought back memories of Josh first leaving home! Now we can't get him to stay away (hoho). Just kidding - this new house is a little too far away for drop-ins. The other house? OMG I thought he'd never give us a free weekend - he & wife popped in every weekend. It's good and we all had fun... but Alpha sure wanted some privacy!

  4. LBD- Why did Alpha want so much privacy? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??? Never mind... Don't ask questions you already know the answer to Stephanie! Ha =)

    I love it when my oldest rugrat comes to visit. He and his wife live close but they are so busy, we don't see them too much on weekends.... Of course he works for us so Hunk sees him all week long..