Sunday, September 25, 2011


My son called me Friday from college.  When he was home he and my daughters would spend hours (calling us in constantly) watching funny you tube video's.  Well, Friday he said there was a you tube video I just had to watch...and he wanted me to put it on and watch it while I talked to him....

I laughed so hard... I honestly didn't know what to expect, figured it was something silly but this flat cracked me up...  I had to share it with Hunk when he got home...and the girls gathered round to watch it again (they watched it when I watched it the first time)...  Hunk was cracking up...

I think if you are "of a certain" age, it will make you laugh even more....  He's talking about all this technology we have and yet nobody is's hysterical....  And it took me back to a time, not so far ago, where things were a lot different....  It's so easy to forget how quickly technology has changed..  The cell phone (since we install and work on communications tower) is something I am aware of on a daily basis but there is so much we take for granted...

Hunk and I got such a laugh I just had to share with you all... (I'm like the kids... "Come in here YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!")

By the way.... When my son called on Friday he had me go on my computer and he called me on FaceTime on my computer from his...Talk about technology! Was awesome to see his cute little face!  His hair is so short and he looks like he's aged a year in the last month!

Hope you enjoyed the video....  Is that so true or what??

~Ciao Bellas~



  1. Gotta love webcams, Skype, and the like -- at least when I can get mine to work :) Let's just say I'm not technological genius :)

  2. LOL Cheryl- Neither am I! It sure was amazing to be able to look at my son while I talked to him.. I swear he aged a year in the last month.

  3. Darcie- Isn't it? I was laughing so hard...memories! Rotary phone really brought back some memories...

  4. He is right! Makes you realize that you need to be more grateful, more amazed, and more thankful. This was GREAT.