Monday, April 19, 2010

Wazzzzzzzzzz Uppppppppppp?

This are going good. Going BUSY but going good.

Today is going to be a very busy day...... It started bright and early. Getting up before 5am isn't my favorite thing to do BUT it was peaceful.......

Our youngest had to be at school at 5:45 this morning for her field trip. She is dressed up like a pioneer and her smile couldn't get much bigger as she hopped into her Daddy's truck to head over and meet with her friends...... And stand in the single file line until it's her her turn to get on and let the "bus sickness" begin.... Well, that's how it was for me last field trip and I even sat in the front..... But we've gone over this, I can get carsick when I AM driving....imagine my pain on a school bus.......

Our son has his wrestling banquet this evening so much fun! He is really excited and I am really swamped!

I have lots and lots of photos to put on CD's for parents at the banquet. Hunk and I took tons of wrestling photos this past season and we really want to share.....and in my getting organized mission, why didn't I put them on cd's already? Well, this is why I'm STILL on the mission.......I'm NOT organized yet...... sighhhhh.

I also have to work on a close out package for a job we completed, do banking, and work on getting all of our Cal Osha papers together to send to them...Can you say FUN? It's making putting photos on CD's sound like a blast doesn't it?

On to better news..... I was "The Biggest Loser" again this week! My train is running full steam ahead........destination MAUI..... Ok, I'll switch to a plane when it gets closer but I'm so on a mission! Not to say I haven't had little "yummers" here and there. Sushi and popcorn on Saturday......oh my...... glass of wine..... So this week I'm going to have to kick it in gear to have any chance of reaching my personal goal this week..... I can do this!

How are you all doing? I've miss you so much. Just haven't had time to pull my head out of my world long enough to check in on yours.....

Spill it! What's new? Have you been as busy as I have?

OR are you living my dream life of sitting on your "sofa" watching Lifetime movies while someone brings you your tray of crackers, cheese, grapes and wine? Oh and don't forget about the person who is cleaning your home and preparing your dinner for the evening..... And OF COURSE they all hit the road before your Hubby gets home so you can take all the credit......

I said it was my dream life, right?

Seriously...... Wazzzzzzzzzzz uppppppppppp???

Ciao Bellas~


  1. My daughter and I were sruggling a little bit this last week with our "Eating Plan" (she so hates it when I say that) But we're back on track so far today. It's so weird because you start to feel so much better and then somehow find yourself going back to your old eating ways because you think your feeling so much better. But you feel better becasue you've changed your eating...This is so obvious...why is it so hard to get?? Or maybe this just happens to me?

  2. Talk about busy - whew! I've had a hard time keeping up. Everyone has been where they're supposed to be but I can't say my brain has been along for the ride. It's like I'm operating on auto pilot or something. Hope to get my arms around things a bit better over the next week. A personal organizer, just for a few days, would be fantabulous!

    Congrats on the weight loss. I've been hovering. Haven't measured but according to my husband my bottom looks smaller. That's all fine and good but I need it to weigh smaller.

  3. I think it's great that you are having so much success with your weight loss! Way to go!

    I'm at a very busy phase in life right now as I help my daughter plan her July wedding. Amazing how much time that takes and how many details to see to. But oh so worth it when we're able to bless her and her guy with a wonderful wedding celebration to remember the rest of their lives. God is good!

  4. So glad is going well for you - sometimes life gets busy but if it's busy, and your happy, that's all that matters!!!

  5. O-Mom- I hear ya. It does feel so much better and when I eat something I shouldn't I feel so..."ughhhhh" stuffed....ughhhhh.... and it's easy to go back to eating like poo but I refuse to do it this time. Dust yourself off girl you can do this. Don't give up. I think that is what is most important. We will mess up along the way but we have to forgive ourselves and go forward with the progress! That is my goal this week! You can do this.... i KNOW you can!

    Amy- ME TOO. This week has kicked my buttocks big time. I have hardly had time to stop and PEE! Very exciting when you hubby says your bottom looks smaller. I'd take that and run with it. The weigh smaller will come. We have vacations to be ready for. we are going to be happy about our determination as we sip our drink in our bathing suits! =)

    Cheryl- Thank you!!!!! So much!!!! And Omigosh CONGRATULATIONS to your daughter. How exciting. July wedding. Gosh I can imagine how much time that would take. They will so remember it for the rest of their lives. What a good Momma you are! Your daughter is blessed to have you and I'm so glad that she found that special guy to spend the rest of her life with. God is good! Amen to that sista'.

    Deanna- Thank you so much. You are so sweet and always so supportive. And never let me down for a good laugh. I hope you and your rugrats are doing great!