Friday, October 9, 2009

SERIOUSLY... Just how many feathers are there in a featherbed?

What every woman dreams of waking up to....... and I was lucky enough to do just that.....

What the H-E-(double hockey sticks) happened!?!

Really?!? Why? Because I don't have enough crap to clean up as it is?
I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank my teenage Rugrat who somehow felt it would be a great idea to use his little sisters Feather Bed Mattress Topper to sleep on in the middle of our meadow on his camp out (POW WOW) sleepover with his friends......
This allowed me to be able to wash the feather bed and set it outside to dry (YES, I AM AWARE WHEN ONE HAS AS MANY ANIMALS AS WE DO........THIS WAS NOT THE BRIGHTEST IDEA I'VE EVER HAD.).....
But the "best move award".....goes to the person who forgot about it AND left it outside over night.....
Ding......Ding........Ding....... We have a winner! Yahtzee!....... Bingo.!.....
Ya, that would be me........
But I'm pullin' Mommy rank and saying "IF MY TEENAGE RUGRAT WOULDN'T HAVE USED IT IN A DIRT MEADOW............ I wouldn't have had to wash it........ My daughter would still have a feather bed.......and my cats wouldn't be running around trying to find a HUGE BIRD."......

Sighhhhhh.............. that's really all I can do at this point......

Aren't these kittys just adorable?? ........ They are cuddled up behind my potted plant sleeping..
Awwwwwwwwwww, sweet little things........ must have been a LONG hard night of searching the mountainside for the big bird who left all the feathers behind on the front patio.

Are you serious???
I guess it must still be comfortable. "Buck" has decided to lounge in the mess.
When I walked out to take his photo he just slowly turned his head and cut his eyes over at me with a look on his face the screamed "Oh crap! I didn't do it..honest... I'm guarding what is left of the bed from the cats.......THEY did it..".

WHY YES, Nestlie, I do see the feathers on and around you...... But I know you had nothing to do with it.....
Why does she look so sad you ask......? She is probably upset that Buck is hogging what is left of the bed....

I opened the sliding glass door and they all came running....
Could they really think I was opening the door to invite them inside???........Maybe offer them a special treat for their wonderful behavior........... Perhaps a sofa cushion?

I suppose I better get my rear in appears I have a little bit of a mess to clean up this morning.......
Ciao Bellas~
P.S. Along with my Easy Chili Verde Recipe .........I'll also be posting my "Yummy for my Tummy" breakfast burrito recipe....... that I made this morning.......(BEFORE I knew that I should have been outside cleaning up feathers.......)
Did I mention I love my life? I do I really do....
I can't be the only one this has happened to...... Please tell me it has happened to you before. Or something worse.......that's what I really want to hear.... I want to hear I'm not the only one who has earned the "BEST MOVE AWARD"


  1. Oh girl... you poor thing! Feathers would be the worst to clean up! I just did a science project with them, and they go everywhere! You find them days later when you swore you got them all..

    Wait... I'm not helping am I?


    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! Fun to "meet" you!

  2. LOL..... Thank you for your words of encouragement! ;) I feel so much better now.

    Yes, they are a real blast to clean up.. I'm sure I will find them for days, well...maybe months.....depending on my deep cleaning skills!

    Great "meeting" you too!!

  3. Oh my WORD!!!!! And I love your profile - your HUNK O BURNIN' LOVE. LOL!

  4. Thank you!! Thank you for stoppin' by, thank you for the compliment and thank you for the comment.....

    After 21 years the fact that I can still call him my Hunk of Burnin' love makes me laugh too! LOL..

    I'll spill some beans on him......lets do coffee soon! lol....;)

  5. LOL!! We are definitely related because I would absolutely do something like this. Hmmm.. L
    Let's see last week I almost burned the house down. We had the basement sheetrocked and tape and textured and they had to do a portion of the ceiling. I go downstairs to show my friend the work and turn on the lights. We are chatting away and walking around the other side of the basement when Blake walks down the stairs and says "What is that smell???" Yep, they had taped off the lights and the tape was smoking. DOH!!

    Yesterday I was vacuuming and sucked up a cord from the blinds and had to take the vacuum apart to remove it. Yes, I know. I'm a genius.

  6. HYSTERICAL! i found you from beth's site....we have three dogs and more than once have come home to SOMETHING being destroyed and having NO idea who to blame it on!!!! thankfully, nothing EVER containing feathers!!!!

  7. Tami- That is a crack up..... yep, so something I would do..... probably have done. shhhhhhh...

    Libby- Yeah! I'm so glad you found me! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! I love love love comments. you would think I won the lotery every time I see a new one!

    Yes dogs do love to destroy.....I'm sure it's a matter of time with three dogs.... when you come home to feathers every where and aren't lucky enough to find eggs for breakfast or a chicken for dinner..... I want to hear aobout I know I'm not alone.... BUT hopefully not your pillow!

  8. Well, I don't live in the country,but thanks to my own hunk of burnin love. I'll just refer to mine as Big Hunk for those of you who know him can figure that out! We now have three,yes, I said three,dogs that live in the house. Of, course the last one we just got doesn't really count as a dog. She weighs about 2lbs. She's not the one that chews shoes beyong recognition. Charlotte our poodle mixed with I'm not so sure what but, her ears look like yoda's. Seems to take a fancy to shoes. My favorite white pair just went down. After, Big Hunk showed her what for. He took me to Payless to replace the white ones. I told him white was not in anymore this year. I had to eat my words,(or should I say shoes?) the wedding section had a nice variety. Since it's bogo time I got 2!! I say keep on chewing!!

  9. Karen- Hmmmmm new shoes..... I like that! Two for one.......even better! I may have to keep this in mind....... if you see me post a photo of myself with a shoe hangin' outta my mouth, you know my dogs wouldn't help me out and I had to take matters into my own hands. lol