Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Hunk~ The Game Warden- AND One lucky Squirrel

This squirrel sat in disbelief as he almost lost his life on our property...... that or I found this photo and thought it would be the perfect shot for this post......

As many of you know we live on land surrounded by a lot more open land.... Well from time to time we have to kick people off who come thru the TWO CLEARLY MARKED "NO TRESPASSING" gates.

My Hunk was on his way to take the girls to the bus stop and he noticed dust flying (which on back country dirt roads means a car just came barrelin' thru).... This road leads to no where (well a dirt bike track but nowhere anyone should be going this early)... So Hunk goes driving up and low and behold there are a group of people pulling their guns out.

HUNK: What are you doing?

TRESPASSORS: Hunting squirrels

HUNK: This is Private Property.

TRESPASSORS: Shock and Awe Moment for them (ie: no reply) I'm guessing they thought if they just stood there speechless Hunk would turn and walk away...

HUNK: Didn't you see the NO TRESPASSING signs on both of the gates?

TRESPASSORS: Yes............We leave if you want.

HUNK: Yes, you need to leave........... or something like that.....


I told Hunk I was rather impressed that they didn't say they didn't see the signs like 99% of the people who sneak in.

Anyway, I am off to meet a very good friend I haven't seen in far too long today but I just had to share. Too funny!

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Love the squirrel pic. Just couldn't get it out of my head today!

  2. Thanks! I couldn't get him out of my head either!