Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My Hunk and oldest Rugrat leave today to go hunting in Idaho. I have 5 million things to do but decided that today was the perfect day to take my 16 year old Rugrat to get his Drivers Permit.

The DMV we needed to go to is just over an hours drive from our home.. the time you get thru the gates...

I grabbed his Driver School enrollment form, his Certificate of Completion from his drivers training class, filled out his application for the permit, including digging out his Social Security number. Told him to make sure he had his school ID card to take with us. check, check, check, check....

We headed up the hill, hit the drive thru to pick up a burger and fries...... and took the hwy to the DMV.

It was a nice mountain drive. My Rugrat was guessing the direction we were going on this windy road and would have me look at my car compass to see if he was correct....... I am direction challenged so the compass comes in very handy for me....

We arrive at the DMV which is also connected to the Highway Patrol office. There is a big CLOSED sign on the door.... HOLY CRUD! .....

Ok, breathing says CLOSED in big letters but underneath is says 3 Fridays a month.

OKAY........ Thanks Goodness. I was about to have a heart attack right there in the parking lot. I was lready spouting off "I CHECKED THE WEBSITE THEY ARE OPEN 9 to 5 today! " .... Deep Breaths Stephanie.....

We enter the DMV...... There is one other person there and they are already being helped. The employee behind the counter tells me to take a number. WHAT?!?

I chuckle and take a number.

He calls out "Number 73"...... I look around and then look back at him and reply "I'm number 81".....

Now he is laughing and starts clicking the lighted number board until it reads "81"..

He ask if I am there to transfer registration. I let him know we are there for my Rugrat to take his learners permit test and I hand him all my already filled out paper work. I let him know we didn't sign the form because it said to do that in front of a DMV employee but the rest should all be filled out and ready to go. I am know filling proud of myself for being so prepared.....this doesn't happen often...

He says "And the Birth Certificate?"

I say. "The Wha? ....The...Birth Certi.... you need....... ummm... I.....I.....I brought the student id"

He laughs......and replies.... "I'm sorry I need the birth certificate, a certified copy not the one from the hospital"

I tell him I have one but it is at home which is about an hour from the DMV office.

He asks if I have a Passport for him. I tell him I do but I just don't happen to have that on me either.

I scramble wondering if I can teach my girls over the phone to scan in the birth certificate and fax it to the DMV office.... (I have efax so our faxing is online).... I think its worth a shot.

Nope, he shoots me down, he says that it has to be an original in my hand to his... He says tomorrow is another day and school is out for the week.

I let him know my Rugrat is going out of town tonight and wont return until Sunday.

He lets me know they are closing at 4:30 today instead of 5:00pm and I need to be back by 4:00pm to take the test today.

I spit on him......I mean THANK HIM and kick myself for not remembering the birth certificate...

We jump in the car, drive out the "ENTRANCE ONLY" drive.......just to give the Highway Patrol Officers something to look at........though it was an accident but too late to back out of it now...... and we are on our way back home.

We call Hunk and ask him to meet us with the certificate before he leaves for Idaho. He says "tomorrow is another day, don't stress".... OKAY PEOPLE tomorrow is a day that won't work, Rugrat won't be home....stress with me here.....jump on my panic train....

Hunk agrees to come meet me and hits the highway.......Then I realize that I will be about 5 to 10 minutes later than allowed.......and call the whole thing off.....

I pull up and Hunk is on the tractor doing a few last minute things...... I roll down the window and he grins and asks "Hey Darlin', Whatcha up to"? with a wink.......

I tell him "Just out for a Wednesday stroll, thanks for asking".........

Now here I sit.......thinkin' I can kick myself or laugh at myself. I choose to laugh....

Hey, at least I got to have lunch and a nice visit with my teenage Rugrat.....

There is always a bright side.....

Ciao Bellas~


  1. And WE all know Wednesdays are GREAT days for a drive!!!!!!! LOL too funny!

  2. I love that story!!! I so know how you feel as it sounds like something i go through all the time!!!LOL And the crazy thing is, our rugrats just stroll through these moments of craziness and are not even fazed by what is going on. (How nice it is to be so layed back. At least mine are like that anyway)

  3. Yep, no biggie to him.... He said I can just pick him up from school on Monday and take him..... Which I guess I can....... Maybe we can learn a little from them.


  4. Loved the cartoon. Will show that to my husband who has a lock problem with the passenger side car door.

  5. I hate those "it just wasn't meant to be days". It seems the harder you try, the worse it gets.

  6. Ugh,the DMV is such a pain! I was stressing with you! Well, maybe when everyone's back from hunting.

  7. Romaine: I loved this cartoon too. It's the first time I've "purchased" a photo for my blog but this one cracked me up. It was true teenage style of saying "I wrecked the car" ...LOL

    Becky: Me too! That is why I just gave up. I knew if I got there 10 minutes late they would say "sorry we told you 4:00pm" My head would spin around and hit the floor and it wouldn't be good for anyone.

    Young Wife: Thanks for stessin' with me! LOL The DMV is a major pain, this one is so slow compared to most that is why I drove the extra 15 minutes to get to it over the "busy" one. That worked out well for me...... LOL

    Another day.......the roads are safe for you all for another day... ; )