Wednesday, October 28, 2009



I just had to share with you all cuz I'm just so very excited... and who better to share it with?

Five years ago today I was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma Cancer (many of you have been reading about my story here on my blog.... "My Cancer Story")..........

FIVE YEARS! I can't believe it! They gave me a 30% chance to make it to this very day....and here I am!

I just got off the phone with Hunk who is sad that he is not here to celebrate with me.

I told him I thought I would be walking around beaming with joy today......and I am but I also find myself very emotional and weeping at the drop of a hat. I don't understand why.

He said "They are tears of joy! Congratulation on your 5 years and I'm looking forward to 5 more with you. I love you" that didn't help with the tears!

Though I did love to hear the words from him...

I miss him....hunt it down, kill it and drag it home already cowboy.

My next scan is soon and as many of you know hitting a 5 year mark with LMS doesn't mean CURE but in my little world it is still a benchmark I feared I would never make.

So it's still a time to celebrate.

They didn't know how kick butt mean I can be, I guess.....well, I'm not usually.....but......against Cancer......I try to be very mean!

And here I am, typing on my blog, meeting new friends every day...

I'm so thankful for the last 5 years: things I thought I would miss with my Rugrats.
  • Watching my oldest Rugrat get his license and learn to drive .
  • Watching him go to Prom.
  • Watching him graduate high school
  • Watching my other Rugrat son start high school
  • Watching him start wrestling and enjoy it soooooo much, he eats and breaths it
  • Watching Miss Rugrat get her first "boyfriend" and watched them break up
  • Watching her go to her first Jr. High dance.
  • Watching Little Rugrat graduate Kindergarten.
  • Watching her learn how to wake board.

There are too many things to list that I would have missed..... and I didn't!
I'm just so grateful.......... that really sums it up...... I'm GRATEFUL.....
So "cheers" everyone!Cheers to these last 5 years, cheers to 5 more years and cheers to new friendships.....which means "cheers to all of you"
Ciao Bellas~


  1. Wow - you totally just brought tears to my eyes. You are yet another face of cancer and this horrible disease, but you are surviving it. I know that I just found your blog recently, but you are an inspiration. Congratulations to you - I am so happy for you and your family.

  2. You go girl!!!
    Laugh ,jump, dance, and yes even have every reason to.
    Ya, you will be there for all those special occasions with those "rug rats" of yours...praise be to God

  3. Steph, I am crying as I type, but they are tears of JOY, HAPPINESS and you inspire me EVERY day to try and make everyday joyful (somedays are better then others) but.....I can't tell you how you have helped me cope to understand all that cancer survivors go through, you are the ULTIMATE survivor, the poster child of survivor and we are all so blessed to have you here and THAT will continue for YEARS to come, you WILL see all those dreams come true, we will all think positive and it WILL happen, so YOU just keep strong and MEAN as HELL and this will stay away! I just want to hug you right now! and cry on your shoulder and share all my emotions with you about mom, I only wish hers was caught early and she was as strong as you, it tears me up that she wasn't the fighter you are and I miss her each and every minute and I thank God that I still have YOU and the rest of my family, please stay as strong as you are for ME! I need my family around!! love you SO much and next month at the photo session I just might NOT let you go!! I want to hang on and just cry with you, happy tears!!

  4. ♥ Congratulations on five years!!! I LOVE that picture!

  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Without your visits and comments it wouldn't be the same writing about this. I appreciate you all so much!

    A good friend came over with pie and ice cream to celebrate tonight. It was so much fun. I love you M!

    Lanette, You can cry and hug on me and talk about your mom anytime ever and always.

    Serious, I love that photo too! My little sis took it of the kids here on the property when she came to visit last. Captures them well!

    jociegal- I'm so glad you found my blog and your comments and kind words mean a lot to me.

    Gracie- I think I did all those things today! And you are correct Praise be to God!

    I'm so grateful!

  6. Your gratitude list of events in your kids' lives is a reminder to all of us: Don't take these special times for granted. Be grateful, be grateful, be grateful. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Oh so happy for you and all your loved ones! I hope you're doing something for yourself to CELEBRATE :-), you deserve it. Oh my I could think of a dozen things, pedicure, favorite resteraunt, new shoes....
    I was just reading down through your past posts and just gotta say your girls are ADORABLE. I loved the cooking post and their smiles were too cute!
    Thanks for visiting me at my place and I'm rejoicing with many others about your good news!
    God bless, Julie
    Oh and just had to mention, I don't "tweet" and wouldn't even know how to begin...but facebook is altogether a different story (shamefully, LOL)!

  8. How amazing! You have every reason to celebrate and cry! Heck..thats what women do! Congratulations---what a blessing you are!!

  9. Hey Bella,

    Congrats on an amazing FEAT!!! What to go.. celebrate, cry, dance, do whatever you want Mama 'cause you can, and you made it happen!!

    Here's to 500 more years!!


  10. I'm so happy for you, congratulations! I've only been reading (and reading back) for a few days but I can say with the utmost sincerity and assurance: the world would be a little less bright without you in it, kicking that cancer to the curb.
    You are inspirational and so sweet, you almost give me a toothache! Here's to a lifetime without the dreaded C!


  11. Stephanie All I can say is I'm Sooooo HAPPY for you and the family! Keep Kickin BUT! Love You Lot's Your Cuz.

  12. The biggest cheers go to you! You have shown us how to reflect on the REALLY important things in life. Your positive attitude is contagious and we appreciate your sharing it with us. It's a trite saying, but life really is good!

  13. Congratulations on your 5 years! You are so strong! Aren't you so thankful and blessed to have such a loving family. May God continue to shine upon you. Your story has touched many of our lives. Continue to rejoice!!!

  14. Happy Anniversary!
    Makes one more appreciative of the things in thier life.
    Puts life in perspective when you think of in those terms.
    Thanks for reminding me to say special thanks for our blessings!

  15. I am so so happy for you, I cross my fingers for you, I hope those 30% will quickly become 20 and after 10 until à 0 !