Tuesday, October 27, 2009



There is a Teen Rugrat on the loose. He is DRIVING his mommas suburban or his white truck.

That's right my Rugrat son got his permit today. This may be all that really needed to be said..

If spotted please........Run! Run for your lives!

And if he is spotted doing something... ohhhhh..let's say.... DUMB.......call his Momma......

I will be setting up an anonymous tip line. You will be able to use this line to give us confidential and anonymous information about his driving or anything else you think we should know..... missing homework assignments, girlfriend status, etc.

The truth is ......I'm so proud of him! He got 100% on his written test.

When leaving the DMV (my favorite hang out) he asked if we could go out for pizza to celebrate.........

I had to think long and hard about that one.

A few problems came to mind:

  • I wouldn't get to try to figure out what to cook after a long day.

  • I wouldn't get to cook a lovingly made meal for my Rugrats.

  • I wouldn't get to clean up after this meal.

  • I wouldn't have to kill an hours time waiting for Miss Rugrat daughter to finish dance class after picking up my other Little Rugrat daughter.

  • We would actually be able to eat dinner before 8:00pm.

  • On top of this I would be supporting a friends pizza parlor by eating there.

Hmmmm......SOLD!........... Pizza it is!!......Tough call for sure....and the best part.....

I was able to say..... "Sure son! You earned it! Pizza? No problem! We can eat anywhere you like. I'm so proud of you and because you studied and got that 100% percent we are going to eat out and celebrate!"

So for being lazy tonight I got hugs and thank yous..... Can't beat that with a stick.

If you are wondering..... I didn't eat "WEIGH" too much tonight.

I just had one (huge) slice of pizza...... and most of my salad.......sighhhhhh....... maybe I did eat "weigh" too much..

At least I didn't come home and eat a left over mini cherry pie..... yet...

Maybe I'm kidding about that......maybe I'm not.......that is between me and my bathroom scale........

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Way to go teen rugrat!! LOL That is awesome he got 100%. What a smart boy!

  2. Since you are on the opposite side of the world, well maybe not world, but the USA, I'm happy to say that I don't have to worry.
    But then again, how many new drivers are there over here? Oh geez, see what you've done. Now I have something else to worry about. tee hee
    Seriously, congratulations Teen Rugrat!!!

  3. Heck, you could have applied for a job at DMV!! LOL just kiddin-congrats to ALL of you on a job well done! I will keep my eye out for him and report IMMEDIATALLY anything I see good OR bad! HA and the pros definatelly out"weighed" the cons on the pizza cous! GO PIZZA, LOVE PIZZA! Just be careful Kevin cuz Chris isn't far behind ya for being on the "road" and then WATCH OUT EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!