Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'M GRATEFUL FOR ........Rainy Day's at the Lake~

I'm grateful for this rainy morning....... I'm grateful for my coffee and all the caffeine and creamer I have in it....pumpkin spice creamer.....yummmmmmmmmmm.

And.....I'm grateful for this photo coming out half decent since I was taking it with one hand and holding my coffee cup in the other.....

I'm grateful for the beauty I get to see where we live........ sometimes it feels like a little slice of heaven....... when the laundry is done and the kids aren't fighting....so at least twice a year I feel this way... sighhhhhhhhh

I'm grateful for the deer..........grateful they know how to swim so I don't have to jump in and try to save them like a crazy person...
*confession time- when we first moved here and I saw a deer cross the lake I all but alerted the media.....I didn't know they could swim..... I know your mind is going back to my confession of trying to keep a bobcat as a pet ( http://mommassoapbox.blogspot.com/2009/10/organized-tank-house-im-so-tank-ful.html ) . .. at least I am honest..... maybe not always country girl savvy.....but honest....
I'm grateful for the most wonderful neighbors anyone could ask for.....I'm also grateful to them for taking these photos of deer crossing the lake......

I'm grateful for the rain to wash my patio clean and water my plants and tree's for me...... is that lazy of me? ............Don't answer......
That was one of those "Does my butt look big in this?" questions, one we already know the answer to and just don't want to hear it..... so we want you to lie in an attempt to make us feel better about ourselves....... I don't want to ask you to lie, not this early........not a great way to start the day.......so lets just move on.......
I'm so grateful for......The rain dripping off of my the eve of the Barn-house....

Well, maybe I'm not so grateful for the no existent gutters that we still need to have installed to keep the rain from dripping off of the eve of the Barn-house.....

But I'm not pointing that out because I'm just in a grateful mood this morning... (I would never try to point this out to my Hunk, I would never remind him over and over that something needs to be done..)...
Doing that would be nagging him.... I don't nag..... a wife should never nag.....so I don't.......I don't ever nag....I whine.... just kidding.....kind of...

I'm grateful for the way the water sounds when it is dripping off of the trees and the way it smells after a first mornings rain........

I'm grateful for the water that dripped on my camera lens and ruined this photo for me....... again.....I'm just kidding....kind of

I'm grateful for the rain.....I'm grateful that the lake will fill back up soon........ Seriously if can fill up over night........ it is bizarre........but awesome all at the same time.....

I'm grateful to have friends and family to share my life with.............
I'm grateful for YOU....... so "coffee cheers" to a great day friends!!
Ciao Bellas~


  1. wow your land is beautiful! my dream is to move out of the city someday! a girl can dream right.lol, thanks for the comment! stop by any time and happy blogging!

  2. Great post! Love all the pictures. I can confess at being greatful for the rain MANY times this summer for watering my garden and even now as we have put down grass seed. :) This was a wonderful reminder to look out for the positives in life today. Thanks! I'm going to do that right now...

  3. Thank you so much! I do feel blessed with where we live.....though the city has it's perks too!

    I'm having a wonderful day today! I just love the rain.....

    Tammy- thanks so much for letting me know I'm not alone in rejoicing for the natural watering system ....called rain!....... Good for you planting your grass seed! Nothing screams inviting like green grass!

    I hope "positives" follow you around all day!

  4. Great post Sis!! It should be mandatory to take time out of our busy days to think about all the little things we are grateful for. Thank you for the reminder!

  5. Your house looks like the villa in Tuscany I stayed in last year. Enchanting!

  6. Hey Stephanie,
    I am posting a comment. Hope you get it. I got your message and you wanted to know if I've been to your blog.... Here I am!! Love your bolts. How did you do this? I think it's so great! Love the pics and your coffee cup and all. LOL. You write like you are right next to me. I can see your face when you blog. It makes me miss you. We have to do a movie soon, my friend!! Again, I love the fact that you are blogging. It's like you are so in touch with the beauty all around you and you are taking it ALL in! Like.... Stop and smell the roses... Love it!!! You are so blesses to live on the lake. I appreciate it !! xo. :)

  7. cynthiagirl- Wow, what a compliment. I've always wanted to go to Tuscany and that is exactly my favorite way to decorate! I bet that was a wonderful trip! I hope I can visit there someday soon......Thanks so much!!!

  8. Hey you! You are here! Awwww you are so sweet. I'm glad you can see my face when you read.... I love that! I miss you too. Movie sounds great.....Let's plan it girlfriend!

  9. We all just read and watched the rain in your beautiful spot on Earth!! can't wait to see you on the 21st!!!!!! and the music you have just makes it all that much better, after I read I just let the music continue while I work at my desk!!

  10. Awwwwwwwww thanks Lanette!

    I have some fun ideas I'm working on to upgrade my blog. I'm really enjoying myself and have met some really nice people.

    I can't wait to see you on the 21st also!

    I have some new music from a new artist I hope to be putting on soon. I'll be putting a post up about him in the next couple of days with a link in the post to listen to his music. He is really good. country music. I know he is going to go far. Really nice guy and very talented!

  11. What a lovely scene. Thank you for commenting over at our blog...I laughed at your laundry story! Very funny, or not. :) At least it was clean and not dirty stuffed behind there. I have a gross dirty laundry story...for another time, I think! Your family is, just as you say, B-E-A-tiful! I love the first dance pictures!

  12. Christina- LOL I look forward to hearing your gross dirty laundry story.... I think.....LOL thanks for the compliments and comment! She really enjoyed that first dance. I'm sure she will remember it always! Hope to see you again soon...... be sure to enter in my give away. I am going to try to have it up by tomorrow afternoon... And I'll be back checkin' in on your site as well!