Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FREE FALL GIVEAWAY!!! Pumpkin bowls with lids!

I'm so excited........and I just can't hide it...... I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.....Ohhh ya!!! ......sorry if that hurt your ears..

Welcome to my very first (but far from my last) giveaway contest!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pumpkins! You can fill them up with soup, stew or you can use them to bake and serve your favorite dessert! The lids keep the contents warm!!

They are a Princess House product (though they are sold out right now....sorry)...

Princess House is another one of my addictions...... I'm starting to realize I seem to have a lot of them...... what's a girl to do...

If ya win you will get: Two Pumpkins. 18oz each. 5 1/8" high with lid

***They are microwave and oven safe up to 400 degrees.

You ask:

"When you are done using them can you chuck them in the ol' dish washer???"

I answer:

"YOU BETCHA." favorite part of course....


This is now closed. I'll announce the winner tomorrow!! Thank you ALL for your Holiday Traditions I've really enjoyed reading each and every one of them!!

*The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Sunday!!


*****Most importantly have fun sharing your traditions and GOOD LUCK!!*****

I'm so excited.....and I just can't........ OKAY.......sorry....... I'll stop.... for now...

Ciao Bellas~


  1. OH!!! I'm the first one, I'm the first one! (says the annoying little sister.) I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pumpkins.

    My favorite holiday tradition is getting ready for Santa with my son. Before he goes to bed on Christmas Eve, we bake cookies and then leave what we haven't already eaten for Santa along with a glass of milk. Then we head outside in the freezing cold to throw "Magical Reindeer Food" (oats and sparkly glitter) on the front lawn to guide the reindeer to our house.

  2. We have so many, from different holidays. But I think the one that is in common for them all, is the tradition of decorating together as a family.

  3. One of my favorite traditions is watching Christmas Vacation during Thanksgiving weekend. It is one of the kickoff of Christmas. It was one of my Dad's favorite movies and bring back happy memories.

  4. I actually have 2: Karen and I and (Mom) get together and make potatoe variniks and beerocks.
    On Christmas eve we too make special santa cookies and then go out and throw carrots (with tops on) way up on the roof for all the reindeer (the hardest part was me or C having to get up there to put the "nibbles" on them after they were already on the roof!) lol and l

  5. I love Christmas morning when the kids see the unwrapped "Santa" gift and get to open stockings, but no other presents until after breakfast. Breakfast ALWAYS consists of pillsbury Cinnimon rolls, bacon and eggs. It kills them to have to wait, I remember that feeling. It's the same tradition I grew up with. Oh if Christmas could only last for days...

  6. My favorite holiday tradition is when our whole family which includes my 4 brothers, their wives and kids have our talent night on the night after we have just had our Christmas dinner. Everybody has to come up with a talent, skit, or whatever they can put together and present it in front of the 30 plus people that are sitting around the living room. It is a blast as all throughout the year, people are planning their secret talent and nobody is telling what they are going to do. My favorite one that I did was when one of my brothers and I teamed up and did a takeoff of"Todd and Lisa Lupner" from Saturday night Live. It was called, Todd and Lisa go to Hawaii. So much fun at Christmas and a wonderful family tradition

  7. Those are dang cute!!! So a favorite holiday tradition??? I'd have to say it's getting together with the whole family at Christmas morning and my mom would make this carmel ring for breakfast it would cook while we got to open gifts. Smells so good! We now do that with my kids also and all of my sisters do the same! and of course on those rare occations that we get to be with all of the extended family we do the same! I love traditions!

  8. My favorite tradition is eating, of course. Can't beat the wonderful food.

  9. Regina ...My favorite Holiday tradition is decorating the tree. We usually do it the first weekend in December. I buy a new ornament for each member of the family. When the girls go out on their own, they will be able to take their own ornaments with them. My Mom did that for us, and I still decorate our tree with ornaments that she gave us as a child. It brings back such great memories, I wanted to keep that tradition for our family. :)

  10. My favorite holiday tradition just came about a few years ago, when like a crazy woman trying to make everything perfect for my Thanksgiving holiday dinner, I was confused because I couldn't find the pop out timer on my turkey. Well, in all of my rush to make everything right, I never noticed that I put my turkey in the pan upside down! (Duh, the timer was on the bottom) I felt like an idiot after everyone in the family laughed at me.....IT WAS THE BEST, MOISTEST TURKEY EVER! I highly recommend it! It is now known as "Tammy's Upside Down Turkey Surprise" own tradition! My youngest step daughter always asks me "Tam-Tam, are you cooking him upside down this year? He was yummy that way!"

  11. One of our family's favorite traditions to make turkey enchiladas with the left-over turkey. We do this the day after Thanksgiving and I think our teenage boys enjoy the enchiladas more than the Thanksgiving feast.

  12. My favorite tradition would have to be the food. You always see certain things show up every year. One of my favorites would have to be Oyster Stew. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. :)


  13. My favorite holiday is Christmas! There are so many traditions I love.. Popcorn balls with Lanette and Wanda... Getting a flocked Christmas tree at Cobb's (taking all dogs with us)Food,Food,Food, peanut clusters, peanut M&Ms. I must say the whole month is exciting to me. We decorate the yard and the house. We watch Rudolph while we're decorating the tree!! Eat popcorn and wish for snow!!! I must say the presents are secondary for me...but the look on Jenny's face when she gets something she had not a clue about is priceless!! Oh, I almost forgot breadfast for us is chocolate gravy, white gravy (your choice) scrambled eggs,homemade biscuits lots of butter and bacon.....There truely is nothin'better!!Thanks Steph for the memory Lane!

  14. My favorite holiday tradition occurs on Christmas morning. We turn on a Christmas playlist from my iPod. Then we take down our stockings and sit around the table with our coffee (was hot chocolate when the kids were little) and open our stockings to see what Santa left. First we each get a Christmas Popper and we all in turn put on our paper crowns and display our little toys. Then we ask the silly riddles. Imagine, five adult professionals wearing our crowns and blowing our whistles or racing our little plastic cars! Then we take turns opening the goodies in our stockings. Santa leaves everyone special little gifts and always includes a new Christmas ornament, some candy, and a new toothbrush. Only then do we open our presents and have some coffee cake.

  15. When I was little we used to go cut our own tree.I remember my dad and brothers would be so muddy Because my dad would want to go right after it had just rained or why it was raining. And now me and Javeon go to Cobb's Ranch get our hot coco and ride the fire truck then we go seaching for the tree that Javeon think's is the best then I ask him if he's sure this is the one he want's then I explain to him once I get down there and start cutting he can't change his mind.Then when I'm done I don't come up looking the same.LOL I'm the one dirty.I just can't wait till he is old enough to get down there and come up all dirty.LOL

  16. Thanks for commenting on my blog!! Enter me in!

    My favorite holiday is family didn't celebrate Christmas when I was growing up, so Thanksgiving was THE holiday for us! I love the food. Love the gabbing we all did.. the game playing.. the guys falling asleep after dinner (I think they secretly wanted OUT of doing the dishes)!

  17. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    My favorite holiday tradition is when we all gather around the tree with out coffees and kids and listen to my Dad read the Christmas Story from the Bible. Last year Dad was very sick and we wondered if it was our last Christmas with him. God gave him his strength back and we are so thankful.

  18. My favorite tradition, not surprising, is SHOPPING the day after Thanksgiving! I get so excited abaout this. I usually go with my two daughters and my youngest daughter's mother in law and we always chart our course the night before. (the men laugh at us) We start out extremely early and have a blast together all day, calling each other on our cell phones to alert each other of a great deal. Another tradition our family has when everyone is together is a big breakfast with "Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits" Yum!!!!! Mom :)

  19. I have a few. The first one is the 2nd weekend of Novebember, myself, my Mom and my girlfriend Denise head out of town for a weekend of holiday shoppping. We look forward to it every year,get all of our shopping done and an memorable girls weekend.

    2nd....comes with fondest childhood memories are simple the smells of thanksgiving dinner cooking. We make sure we are home every year for Thanksgiving and I cook at home, I want my girls to have those similar smells in their memory books.