Sunday, October 4, 2009

Living the "HIGH" tower at a time....

I thought I would share a few photos showing what our company does. What my Hunk and my oldest Rugrat do each day. What scares the poo poo la chu out of me (as they climb towers up to 2000 feet) and makes me proud of them all at the same time.

We install and work on Communication Towers for TV Stations, Radio Stations, Cellular companies, etc. Well, WE......there goes that mouse in my pocket AGAIN....WE don't work on them "I" do the office work, our team members and my HUNK and oldest RUGRAT work in the field on the towers.

There was a show this last summer on NBC Dateline about our profession. I think it was titled "Tower Dogs". I didn't care to watch it, made me more nervous than I already get. In fact I've only gone on site a few times because it makes me so nervous. When I see my son repelling down the side of a tower or a building or a helicopter picking up a tower section while my HUNK is on the section of the tower that is already installed and is reaching up to grab the section flying in the air......or when people passing by stop to take out their cameras and take photos.... I'm better off in my little world here at home.... That being said, my Hunk does run a very safe crew.

This is a guyed tower......

We do about anything that has to do with communications towers. From full new site installations, installing foundations, towers, dishes and coax to minor maintenance including painting and bulb changes.

The below photo is from mid section of the tower looking down, showing the coax (the black lines) that was installed.

My Oldest Rugrat and another one of our Team Members working on the foundation forms.

More foundation.........

The guys love working on mountain tops. I think one of their favorite things is being able to work in different locations.

This is looking down the center of the tower. This is a smaller tower.

This picture was taken by one of our crew from the top of the tower.

It's hard to beat the view....... though I think personally I'd rather just look at the photos they bring me..... I'm not too fond of heights.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and a peak into our work life...... a peak into how the picture appears on your television or you have service on your cell phone..... (or in some cases why you don't)
Enjoy your evening, I need to got my rugrats to bed, tomorrow is Monday and we all know what that means! LET THE CHAOS BEGIN!!!!!!!!
Ciao Bellas~

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  1. Go Howell communications!! living the HIGH life!! lol (yikes)