Monday, October 12, 2009

Lazy Child.....Sometimes you just have to say..."ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?"

So just imagine the beer is a "ROOTBEER"...... then this photo would perfectly describe the image I am having of my children tonight.....

Now one is sick, she gets a free pass..... But I tell you they other two who are home are flat out being lazy cats tonight!

As soon as I mention help instantly everyone has to go to the bathroom. And I must have served a lot of cheese last night because they all seem to be *stuck* in there for awhile...

Maybe it's the amount of things I have on my mind that I need/want to get done. Maybe it's because I'd like to be sitting back with my thumb up my butt watching TV while someone does everything for me....... or maybe just maybe it's because I got NO SLEEP last night...

I just had to stop to share with you and to ask you.............

Ask you this one question ..... please help me out here people....assure me I'm not alone tonight...


Have you ever asked your child to fold clothes when they come out of the dryer and then when you go to straighten up the living room you find a huge pile of pillows on the sofa AND when you move said pillows and put them where they belong you find the pile of laundry that your beautiful, loving child was SUPPOSED to fold.........WADDED up wrinkled and hiding......????

And you stand back and say.......well, you say things I'd better not type and then you say..........."Sighhhhhhhhh, ARE YOU *ehmm* SERIOUS?!?"

Well, I better get back at it......when "Cinderella" is done folding the wadded up, wrinkled clothes I need to make sure she goes to bed..........straight to bed, do not pass go, do not collect $200......

And since you asked......... Yes, as a matter of fact I will be checking to make sure she doesn't stuff pillows under her blanket and sneak out to eat candy in the back yard.....

Ciao Bellas~


  1. No, mine just blatantly leave them sitting out in plain sight. With the excuse, "I forgot".

  2. Did you have Amy at your house today? She is the one most likely to do this exact same thing. My vaccum spent 6 weeks in the repair shop because she was too ummm lazy to pick up her socks and underwear and decided to just vacucum them up!!!!

  3. I have a son so I DON'T EVEN ASK for clothes to be folded! its his room that absolutely baffles me, when I tell him to clean it, he INSTANTLY becomes a human skiploader and shoves it ALL under his bed, makes and I use that word VERY loosely his bed! and comes out and says "all done mom" so YES I do have ALOT of those "er...Seriously?" moments!

  4. Twisted- I forgot is a very common word in my home amongst my rugrats. They forget to do homework, forget to take it to school when they do do it, forget to brush their teeth, forget to flush the toilet..... need I go on.... yes I forgot should be a four letter word.

    Mickeynco- LOL LOL Sorry.....LOL..... you have made me grateful that I haven't had to repair my vacuum yet.. you notice I said YET. I don't want to get to excited just yet... My rugrats are still growing and as they say "It's not over until the fat lady sings" And I'm not singing least not in public..

    Lanette- Rock his world and put his matress on the floor! LOL....... but then where would all the stuff go.... sometimes you just have to say WHATEVER! LOL