Friday, October 9, 2009

Pig Hunting = EASY Crockpot Chili Verde Recipe

Just wanted to let you know that my Hunk, my oldest rugrat and my nephew went Pig hunting tonight. The photo (they so kindly sent to my phone...... BEEP BEEP BEEP goes the text message alert at 12:30 am..... thanks darling) shows me they had a successful hunt.

This means I will have a freezer full of pork in a few hours.

That means I will have a crock pot full of Chili Verdi tomorrow.

That means I will be posting my VERY VERY EASY but VERY VERY YUMMY recipe tomorrow.

It's Late (well actually early) so I don't have the energy to post it now but wanted to let you know it is coming soon.....

I had a long day today full of MANY MANY laughs with a friend.......

Okay dear friends.......My eyes are shutting, I can almost hear myself snore as I wake myself with my keystrokes on the computer....... I mean IF I did snore, then I MIGHT be able to hear myself .....

Please do NOT ......I NOT even think of mentioning to my Hunk that I MAY admit to occasionally waking myself with a ever so small snore............. on RARE occasion......I will deny it to my death!

I will however admit (to you) that I MAY push him ...plug his nose......and/or kick him (ever so gently) while he is sleeping to wake him up (JUST ENOUGH) to stop HIS SNORING.......

I feel guilty about this .........kind of.......(as I sit and stare at him while he is snoring and my heart rate increases by the nano second because all I want to do is fall asleep.

Then when I can't take another snort, snarl or chain saw like head spins around 3 times and spit goes flying out of my mouth, my eyes glow a bright red color in the dark of the night as I mumble somewhat under my breath.... " Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! STOP FRICKIN' SNORING I CAN'T SLEEP!!!" (and then quickly lay down and start a deep breathing pattern so he knows he must have been dreaming because I am CLEARLY sleeping like a baby).

Speaking of which........Good Night Friends!

Ciao Bellas~

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